An introduction…

Hello! ‘Alright?’

Welcome to my page, blog, whatever this is! I guess it is better for all of us if I provide a little bit of information about myself and what you should expect to see on here… Only fair!

I am a Northern Irish guy who enjoys the simple things in life.. like running marathons and trying to lose weight (spoiler I was once over 26 stone… More on that another time). I am a bit of a fitness fanatic and dabble in a fair bit of designy stuff, be it art, graphic or web design. This has gotten to the point that where have been thinking of posters and other creative ideas that can improve or motivate someone and their fitness. Though from a selfish standpoint, I will mostly be designing things for my own use first and foremost.

I am also a lover of food… (You don’t get to 26 stone without enjoying food somewhat) Though I have now kick-started my healthy eating regime (too strong a word?), so expect a few blogs about what food I am eating and new recipes that I am trying for myself.

Fitness wise, I have started to welcome weight training into my life, as well as very (I mean very) beginner level CrossFit workouts. I feel that I bore a little easily in the gym so, getting to properly mix up cardio and weight training, should be highly beneficial to my progress. The main problem of this is that I am a cardio bunny. I started my weight loss with more walking, which then turned to running and then when I went to the gym, it was 2 or so hours of using the cardio equipment! Being obsessed with cardio has directed me to one of my true loves in life, running. There is nothing more that I enjoy than going for a run, be it a long 18-mile run or just a short run with me helping someone reach their first mile. It doesn’t matter the pace or type of running, give me a pair of running shoes and a path and I am off.

So why should I write (type, blog?) about all of this? Well if I am perfectly honest, I like the idea of being able to look at things in a few years time and see what progress or most likely mistakes I was making and how I changed them to improve myself. If you somehow get some joy out of my writing and want to follow me on this journey then you are most welcome!

As previously mentioned, I like a good bit of structure in my life and that will resonate (hopefully) with my post schedule. Although this may deviate a little over time, I do hope to post at least four times a week, with the schedule looking as follows:


Monthly theme – So, here I will be trying to focus on a topic for a month and update you once a week on how it is or has progressed.


Weekly life, health, and general fitness post – This will be a pretty flexible topic as I can dip into things that I have done fitness-wise, in the past or just what is happening with me right now. Life, it be exciting, my thoughts on it? Probably less so!


Running – I like running okay!?


Weekly gym post – This will center around things I have noticed on my gym excursions and what it is like for a large guy being around the weight area of a gym.

So if any of that sounds good, then please feel free to follow the blog and comment below on the stupid mistakes that I will almost certainly make.

Until next time!

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