Step Challenge and the positivity of walking: Week 2

This is week two of my Monday blog series on a walking challenge I participated in. To check out the first post, just click here. Now onto week 2! Shall we?

Welcome back! I finished last week’s update on the first day of the challenge, by the end of the first week I had gotten over 100,000 steps, which I was very proud of for the first week. This week started from Monday to Friday so I had no weekend days off to fully stretch those legs and get the steps up. With two long working days (10 am- 11 pm) I knew I was going to be severely limited in my steps so whatever evenings or mornings I had free, I knew I had to make the most of it.

From looking at the leaderboard I was disappointed not to see myself in the top 3, but from knowing my steps and comparing those to the others, I knew I wasn’t far off! Which was comforting for such an awkward working week. Also, I knew I had the chance to get those steps up in just one day as that weekend I had a long distance race planned. This race was a 6-hour time limit style race, so it involved me having to take major advantage of this opportunity.

I knew other competitors would be cycling to add to their steps as it was something that was mentioned in the brief for everyone. This slightly frustrated me as I felt that although whoever did this was doing the right thing by exercising. They were not technically walking or stepping, but what can you do!? I will the challenge my way and hope for the best! With that being said, this is why I was participating in this race. Normally a marathon will conjure up around 45,000 – 50,000 steps for me. So with my calculations, I was hoping to cross over 60,000 from the race alone and hopefully get to around 65,000 for the entire day. I was around 30,000 steps behind the person in first place and felt that I could be within touching distance of 1st place for the week if I got over 30 miles in the race.


race day


On race day, the weather was terrible, puddles everywhere which were disheartening as I knew I wouldn’t get an overly great distance, which might affect my steps. But I was excited all the same. I always am on race day, races are a great challenge for me as usually I run alone and so to participate in something with others around me is great.

As the race went on I could feel myself slow and decided the best approach was to run and walk for the last 2 hours. This was my own fault as I had not trained as sufficiently as I needed to, to perform to what I felt was my fullest. I struggled on and after some rest and food. I say that I had just crossed over 60,000 steps. I was mightily pleased with this but knew I could not rest on my laurels as I am sure other top competitors were doing something to get their steps up too.

During the rest of the week, I kept hitting my targets and slowly but surely I felt more confident about my chances. 20,000 steps a day were being hit and it did not feel as difficult as I had originally anticipated it to be. Only on days where I am in work for long periods, I feel I could do this every day. One day I will get that 9-5 job! Just for the improvement of my steps!

That is the update for most of the second week, come back next week to see where I finished for the second week!


As promised here are some “negatives” or “hates” towards walking:

The time consumption –  Make no mistake about it, walking is time-consuming. It takes an hour for me to walk to work, whereas it takes around 35 minutes for me to get there via bus and walking. If you count this for the journey back, I am losing around an hour a day by walking. Though this can be frustrating for the busy-minded people. I don’t mind it too much, I get to contemplate and work things out in my head and relax.

Walking in the rain – Yeah, this is a bugger of an annoyance. But, living in Northern Ireland, it is going to happen for at least 10 months of the year. I just try to make sure that I do not walk home during heavy rain showers, as by that point I am just going to get ill, and no one needs that!

Walking at night – You never know who you might see and what might happen to you if you are walking late at night. It’s dangerous, I get told. It really isn’t. If you walk in well-lit and populated areas, there is a very slim chance that you are going to have a negative encounter. Plus, who wouldn’t want to get pictures like this?

I think I will leave it for this week. Are there any negatives or hates that you have about walking? If you were to do a challenge, what would be your daily target? Let me know and thanks for reading!

Until then.





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