A day in the life

Alright? First off, apologies are in order as I got stuck in work and could not get this post up until today, so you fine folks get the joy of two posts in one day! Lucky ducks! Shall we? As I am new to this blogging malarky and we don't really know each other too... Continue Reading →

Step Challenge and the positivity of walking

Every Monday will be dedicated to a theme for a period of a month. This month's theme will be related to a step challenge that I partook in March. This will also allow me to open up a bit about walking and my love-hate relationship towards it as a runner. Enjoy! In my place of work, there... Continue Reading →

An introduction…

Hello! 'Alright?' Welcome to my page, blog, whatever this is! I guess it is better for all of us if I provide a little bit of information about myself and what you should expect to see on here... Only fair! I am a Northern Irish guy who enjoys the simple things in life.. like running marathons... Continue Reading →

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