July workout plan: part 2

Check out part 1 from yesterday! It details what and why I am having to schedule a whole month of exercises in advance. It contained Running, cardio and weight training.So where were we?

So what do I chat about now? Well, my friend, I have a lot more forms of exercise to talk about… Sorry!

First off…


Bodyweight exercises

I love a good bodyweight circuit. Sometimes it can be harder than cardio, as I like to do a lot before having a break. I first really started doing bodyweight stuff at circuits in Stranmillis but stopped after I ceased to go there (shifts rarely gave me the opportunity to get there on time). Then when I was at the gym I would notice how weak certain aspects of my body were (hello arms). So I watched a video about CrossFit and thought… I want to do that. But I am weak as hell, there is no way I will be able to. Then I found out with CrossFit that they have levels in which you can build yourself up to. So I am sticking with the very beginner level and building my bodyweight strength up. These just involve push ups, squats, one legged squat, tricep dips, front, reverse and side lunges and with the hope one day… A pull up. As laughable as it is. My aim by the end of the YEAR is to do one pull up. I would be ecstatic if I could.

Dumbells and kettlebell exercises

Then we come to dumbells. I love dumbells, I have no idea why. It might be because they are not as daunting as barbells to me. a barbell is one big unit. Dumbells are two separate ones that are easier to move about with etc. Chest day with me is all about the dumbells, varying it up with overheads and alternating arm push ups. It is just a great challenge and a thrill of going to the next weight up for the next visit. The challenge of making sure you get the form right but still getting those reps.

I do try to mix it up with them though. So throwing in exercises such as farmers walks and even just the simple side bend with a heavy dumbell to bring that resistance. Getting to use the same piece of equipment for different things is a great thing. Even the variance of twisting the dumbells during the movement to create more resistance is great.


A sweaty blurry after pic


Circuit Training

Putting together some bodyweight, dumbell/kettlebell and sandbag exercises into one session is pretty good… I.e. knackering! I will mix these up as much as possible to have my body not get used to the workouts. Workouts such as 40/30/20/10 or filthy fifties and then just trying to do the workouts in a timeframe. You feel dead after, but you know that you have worked all of your body and used every bit of energy left to you. It is hard, but it is worth it!IMG_20170121_101135_907.jpg



Though I have a belly (Hey I will admit it!) But I appear to have a decent amount of core strength so I can keep going for long sets! I try to keep it simple though as I stick to a few moves such as crunches and straight leg sit up, leg climbers, overhead sit ups with a medicine ball, Russian twists. It is a really weird feeling to feel your muscles in your stomach ache from working out. I don’t think I will ever get used to it. To the point that evening where you can’t bend over to pick something or tie your shoes because your stomach is screaming at you “what are you doing? this hurts!”

Well, that is it! The general overview of what I will do in July workout wise. In a few hours expect the workout poster (the previous file was corrupted and has left me behind in getting it up for this post) Hopefully you like it!

I hope you found this interesting in some way and hopefully the poster will be a little bit appealing!

Until then,

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