Veganism: My first encounter with cooking a vegan meal.

Welcome to my bi-monthly Wednesday chat about veganism. Be it recipes that I use to make up for my girlfriend who is vegan or just things I have noticed from a meat eater’s perspective. So this today’s post I will chat about the preparation and things I thought about when starting to cook a vegan dinner for my better half.

As seen from my previous post I have encountered the difficulties that someone who is a vegan has to deal with when eating out for a meal. So with that, I decided that on Mondays, when I had a day off, that I would make dinner for her. It was also so I could see her on a Monday night, but let’s keep that between us.

What to make?

My first issue was a pretty simple one… What the hell do I make!? Instead of going to a cookbook or blog I thought about it in the simplest way. What would I want to eat? So I decided that whatever I was going to cook, I had to act as if I was just cooking something that I would normally eat, only I would exclude meat. But not just meat, gluten, dairy and soy products. I felt daunted, how am I going to conjure up something without all of these products… What products even have these in them?! Research was going to be needed. This wasn’t going to be as easy as it looked.


Not all vegan food is fruit and veg!


I hit the shops and wandered around the free form aisles. Victoria had told me that was where she got most of her non-fruit, veg and beans etc goods. I looked at what there was, not too much honestly. That daunting feeling came back a little. But I knew I was going to do this and I was going to stick to it, so I stocked up. Dough mix, pasta spaghetti etc. Whatever Victoria could have, I bought it. I then hit the tinned aisle and stocked up on every bean imaginable. Then fruit and veg. I had done well. No matter what I was going to cook I knew I had options! Confidence came upon me. I can do this. It isn’t too hard!

Again I thought about how simple my approach was going to be, cook a meal with just some things replaced. Nice and easy I kept repeating to myself, Victoria does this all the time and she makes it look easy, I can do it.


Meat or veg and nuts for my protein?


Where is the protein!?

I will admit it, I said and thought it. I am a meat eater, I know where my protein comes from but where is Victoria going to get her protein from in general and from my meals? I can’t just give her carbs and veg every Monday? Stupid Scott really. I also knew that whatever I made, I didn’t want to make it overly beany as that is just boring, no? These are the extra little things that I didn’t think about when I bought all the food and came up with the idea to do this for her. I wanted to make sure that she eats right and I was ignorant and to a point, I still am as I haven’t conducted too much research into protein replacements. But I knew to slightly stick to what Victoria had cooked for herself as she was eating well enough with little issues.

Quorn get outta here

Hopefully, this doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, but by God I hate Quorn. I have tried many types of meals with them and could not cope with it. Luckily for me, Quorn has soya in it and Victoria can’t have that. The relief I had was amazing, as although I am a meat eater, I wanted to eat these meals with her (shock horror meat eaters can have non-meat meals on a whim). I mean this in a respectful way as I have seen negative things regarding meat eater and vegan/plant based relationships. (Expect a post on that down the line).

So what do I make?

Find out in the next post about what I make, I hope to make the post a bit different from a usual recipe as I am sure any vegans will make this better than I have already anyway! But for the meat-eaters out there who want to impress their other half and cook a vegan, vegetarian or plant-based meal for their other half, maybe the recipe/cooking posts will help.

Until then!







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