Veganism: Cooking a lasagne

The first vegan meal that I cooked was a lasagne. I know how to cook one pretty well, so thought I would start pretty safe for me. I talk about preparing for the big cooking day here. I have no idea if this was too adventurous or not, it seemed simple enough.

I have never written a recipe or whatever this is, so please bear with me, eventually, these will improve! Shall we?

Gathering the ingredients

So after my day in a number of supermarkets obtaining various food I ended up with the following for the meal:

A mixture of veg – baby corn, red and brown onions, peppers, parsnip, mushrooms, asparagus, sugar snaps, spinach and broccoli.

Beans – pinto, kidney and butterbean

Gluten free pasta sheets

Gluten free and dairy free cheese and cheese spread/cream

Gluten free, dairy free garlic bread.

Passata and herbs

As mentioned, I didn’t want to put too many ingredients in there as I as unsure how filling this would be as I thought it might be a little filling with the beans.



I first started preparing by cutting up my veg into small pieces and grate my parsnips to assist in thickening the sauce. As I usually add so many vegetables into my lasagne anyway, this felt pretty natural to me. The only difference was that I was replacing the beef with beans. Simple…

I have my beans ready in a bowl so that I can add these during the cooking process. I have the gluten free pasta sheets ready to cook and I put another pot on the hob and place my non-dairy cream cheese into simmer, I add crushed broccoli into this and mix, so the sauce has something extra as I wasn’t sure how this cream cheese was going to go as a replacement for the white sauce that goes in the top layer of a lasagne I finally slice ( as I discovered I didn’t have a grater for my non-dairy cheese (violife) so I can top off the lasagne at the end before I put it in the oven.



I use a large pan and pour my passata and herbs and slowly add in the vegetables and beans. I stir for a few minutes while checking the pasta sheets and the other sauce. Just doing the usual with these, making sure nothing burns. We all know how to make sure nothing burns when cooking. I make sure the veg and beans have cooked enough with the sauce. I prefer not to have the bolognese drowned in sauce, but enough to cover the contents healthily. (I know, not too descriptive there!)

I make sure the sauce and the pasta sheets are sufficiently cooked and drain the pasta sheets as I prepare to place them into the lasagne dish. As my lasagne dish is not overly deep, I know that this one will not have too many layers, two at most I surmise. Spreading out the contents and layering as you do with a lasagne.

I top it all off with the cream cheese sauce and grated cheese and place in the oven for 30 minutes. At this point, I add the garlic bread to the oven around 15 minutes before I take the lasagne out.

The results

As you can see from the two pictures, it didn’t end up too bad! I decided to add the second attempt of the lasagne to show the difference between grating and slicing…

We tuck in and start eating away and I am pleasantly happy with myself. I keep nervously watching Victoria eat and she seems to be liking it. So much so that both times I have made it, she has taken seconds!

The leftover of the lasagne is kept for workmates who are also vegan so I can discover if Victoria is just not being a nice person and saying it is nice when it is not! It all gets eaten well enough so this pleases me!

Well, that’s it! Next time I will make sure to have more pictures as I guess that is what these type of things need? I dunno! Any feedback is welcome!

Until next time.


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