Fitness and graphic design: Part 1 – race finish poster

Welcome to the second Monday series! I use Mondays to form a little series of posts for 4 or 5 weeks. If you missed the first series check them here, it was about a walking challenge I participated in at work. It was a good experience!

This new series as you can see from the title is about fitness and graphic design. There appears to be a blossoming amount of fitness related design coming though and it is exciting to watch. In these posts, I will focus on designs I have/am making centred around making logging or showing aspects of fitness in a creative way. First, race finish posters.

First thoughts

I love design, as shown in my July workout plan and my design page so it would be natural for me to implement my love for design with my love of fitness. When doing some research I noticed that there appears to be a growing trend of people having their race results recorded as a poster that they can frame and be proud of. I love the idea of this as no matter what distance that race was, you should be proud of finishing it, no matter the time is. You went there to finish that race and you did, that’s brilliant! The medals are great, proof of your achievement. So wanting a specifically designed poster detailing your run and the race is a great idea. Why these aren’t more popular is beyond me actually.

So I thought, why not design a poster that I would like?

Current designs

From what I have seen thus far, I have seen some beautiful pieces of work from designers. Detailing the map of the course and even the areas surrounding the route in a faded manner. Big text showing the time, race and the finishers name. Some have even included the elevation of the route for added detail. The same trend has appeared from looking at these though, and that is that they are very minimalist based. I will put my hand on my heart. I adore minimalist designs. When I design things, they are my bread and butter. I love the aesthetic of minimalist designs. The clean look of it all is very visually appealing to me, and obviously to the designers and clients.


What would I do differently?

As much as I love minimalist design, when it comes to my fitness and running, I love statistics, so just knowing the finishing time and elevation is simply not enough for me. I need to know more, I need to see the splits, the pace, hell I think it would even be interesting and fun to have the starting number and where the runner finished. Breaking it down further to overall and male and female, age range etc. Having that information just set there for me to look at and remember is invigorating. Knowing the times and then trying to beat it next time is a great challenge.

Breaking it down even further I would even add a vector image of the medal itself and even the runner’s shoe, fun little things to add so the runner can track how that race went, what number they were, what their shoe was at the time. Even to the point of having a small table of previous finishes to show where this year’s race ranks among them. Like I said, I love statistics and I feel others might as well, probably the type of runner who likes to break things down and would compete in a number of marathons or races a year.

As mentioned I would add vector icons to the poster as I enjoy making those and they look clean to the eye. I would try to implement this to my poster as I would integrate the elevation at the bottom of the page to become one with the design of the poster, but enough to make it noticeable. I felt that some posters showing the elevation were too grid like and broke from the feel of the poster.

Below is my first draft of a poster, I say draft as I did this pretty quickly. I plan at the end of the series or sooner to have the full designs of each thing I make. Not all of my stats will be included in this first draft of the poster, as I feel it would be interesting to allow the client to pick which stats they would like. Would they want 4 or more? Or less, providing the options for what they want to be included is just a good idea to me.

Also every Monday expect to see each design like this one alter, I will include little updates each time so you can see the progress. This may be in a seperate post on a Monday, so keep an eye out!


Like I said, a very rough draft, a lot to fix!



As with all things designs related, let me know what you think! Would you want one of these posters for finishing a race? Would you buy one if a race organisation offered them? Have you bought one before? How did it make you feel?

Until next time!

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