Vegan and dietary need cooking: When you mess up

Today I am going to tell you a fun little vegan/dietary need story when I was trying to cook a lovely little vegan green Thai curry for my girlfriend Victoria and how it went very wrong.

The setup

So, if you follow my blog you will know that I like to try and cook vegan meals for Victoria on a Monday. Sometimes, I get to make food for her on some other nights too, but generally, Monday is our night, or as I call it Vegan Monday. I have been cooking a few different types of meals as I want to provide her with a bit of variety, so she isn’t bored by my cooking… Plus it makes me a better cook! You can read about what I learnt when I first started dating Victoria and my journey for shopping and then my first meal in other posts!

So this weeks attempt was to make a Green Thai Curry. Victoria makes a lovely one and I wanted to make my own version as I knew she hadn’t had it in a little while. Off I popped to the shops to get her the required ingredients to make a lovely little meal. Imagine a film montage of cheery music and me just jovially picking up things off the shelves and you would have been spot on for how it really was.

I see a few things I haven’t used before and decide to throw them into the basket because why not? It is all good fun this cooking malarkey! I bring the food back and start prepping, doing my usual forgetful moments of not taking pictures for when I write the blog about this successful meal (I was really hopeful of it going well/became a little cocky about recent successes. Have a look below at those!

My mistake

We had recently visited Dublin and went for some food. As we were looking at the menu she noted about tofu and as it was a veggie/vegan place I had a meal that had tofu. It was the first time that I had had tofu and it wasn’t terrible! So as we are chatting, Victoria says that she has never had it. So flash forward to me in the shop and I see some tofu! The

The light bulb pops on above my head, ‘hey! Why not add some for Victoria for dinner!’ Brilliant idea Gilliland what could possibly go wrong in this scenario?! Well, my friends, I am here to give you a little bit of information. Victoria may be a vegan, but she is also gluten and soy intolerant…. What is effectively just soy? Tofu.

Now at this point, I didn’t know this grave error. I had added all the ingredients, plus that damn tofu and it was looking and smelling great. I was actively proud of this one. I had it set in my head on how it would look when serving. It was going to be amazing.

Damn it

When Victoria arrives at mine, she notes the smell and comes into the kitchen to look at what I have made, she asks what is in it, not because she doesn’t trust me, but because she likes to know what is inside it in case she likes it a lot… I think… You will need to ask her.

I let her know and get to the tofu and then keep listing things and then I notice that her face has dropped… I have done something wrong and I don’t know what. I ask her what is up and she informs me that she can’t have tofu. The ignorant fool that I am, I ask why not. Then it is fully explained and I have to admit I was deflated, feeling disappointed about with myself is an understatement. Why did I just assume that the tofu was okay?! Idiot. Luckily Victoria wasn’t too disheartened, definitely less so than me in any case. I had some bolognese left over and made her some of that so she could still eat something.

A couple of days later I fixed my error and cooked it again and all was well! As you can see.


Have you messed up a meal for someone who had dietary restrictions? If so let me know so I can feel a bit better about my mess up!

If you want to chat more about any of my posts follow me on twitterInstagram and also to recieve updates, Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!


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