Weight loss journey: Building confidence by working out at home.

When you first think of a workout, you automatically think that someone means at the gym, but for people trying to build their confidence, that isn’t necessarily so. Sometimes getting outside that front door to work out in public can be too much for you, so why not workout at home? I have experienced this and I thought I would make a little list with some programs as to what I do/did and why I do them. 


Your weightloss doesn’t need to start through the doors of a gym


For some people, like myself I would be afraid of going to the gym, I would be afraid of getting the looks from other gym goers. ‘Look at that massive guy there’ ‘why is he here’ these are the things that I thought people might say about me. I had the shame fully implemented in my head of what others might think of me and I know that deep down, this is what I think of myself. So for a while, I would concentrate on my diet and workout at home and then eventually leave the comforts of my room and venture to the gym and running. This was a time that I would only use the gym for the cardio, it worked well and it is something I don’t forget. I bloody love cardio, I am a cardio bunny at heart and that will never change. In saying I thought I would make a little list with some details as to what I do and why I do them. I

In saying that, I have neglected my home workouts, something that I could do right in the morning or late at night when I am home from work. So, I thought I would make a little list with some details as to what I do and why I do them:


My future equipment for when I get my home workouts planned.


Fitness Blender

If you are a Youtube fan, there are countless of channels that are fitness based and sometimes it can be a bit daunting looking at them all and picking some. The one that I like (I am sure the others are great, I just never went past this couple) is the Channel FitnessBlender. It is run by a couple and they have dozens of free videos available and ones that are varied to help mix it up. If you want a long workout, they have you covered, if you need a short Hiit session, then they have you covered just the same. They are personable when talking to you and trying to keep you motivated throughout. If you are just wanting to start out on your weight loss journey or need some ideas in mixing up your workouts then you should check these folks out.


A bit of a weird one for you I imagine. I had been looking at a way to improve my flexibility as, although I am an overweight guy, I am surprisingly flexible. But I want to improve that, and honestly, I couldn’t really get into videos of the calming nature of yoga. I needed some fun and intensity of it all. So I found DDPYoga and as a fan of professional wrestling, I knew who DDP was and so was slightly intrigued. I watched a few videos and was hooked, he brought some fun to the workout and I honestly enjoyed the resistance aspect that he had included into the sessions. I stopped doing it for awhile but as with everything on this list, I will be returning to it!


DDP getting men interested in yoga.




When I first started looking for workouts to do at home, I saw an advert for P90x and I was taken in by the personable Tony Horton, his positivity bursting through my screen. His program guaranteed/progress within 90 days. I didn’t take too much from that, I knew by doing something I would progress handsomely. So I tried it. It was hard and for a solid 2 months I got stronger and fitter and was sweating it out every workout. But I was enjoying what I was doing. The program had everything set up for me. If I was going for weight loss then I picked that program and stuck to it.


P90x3 mixes it up.



I missed out on p90x2 and started back up with p90x3. The program was shortened to 30 minutes and it was perfect. I got back into it and every workout was making me feel great. I would be glazed in sweat knowing that what I was doing was working perfectly for me. I would end every workout with the core video and I would be spent. My little living room was my confidence zone. I was gaining confidence within myself every day and I would begin to go back to the gym, but I always finished my day with p90x3. I will again. Not every day, but every night I am home.

Come back next week and find out how I feel returning to these workouts and if I have noticed any difference.

If you want to chat more about any of my posts follow me on twitterInstagram and also to receive updates, Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

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  1. I have been wanting to try P90X for years. I think I’ll give it a shot. I think instill have the videos on my PC somewhere. Thanks.


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