Vegan dinner date #1 Woodworkers

Although I am not a vegan, my lovely girlfriend Victoria is, and as such we have to go to places that can accommodate her. So I thought why not review what they other vegans and people with dietary needs? Shall we?



The woodworker is a lovely little place that is great if you want to try local beers but also quite good for food too. This was one of the first places that Victoria took me on a date as knowing that she was a vegan I allowed her to pick where was best for her as by now she already knew what was good for her.

I asked her what she was going to have and she immediately told me that she was going to have the vegan platter as it had so many options that were just plain yummy for her. I looked at her in a way that suggested that it could not be as good as she thinks. But she was adamant. That first time I went with my tried and trusted burger and chips. Hard to do those wrong, but yep, a bit bland. When I saw what was carried out for Victoria… It was bloody massive! I promised myself next time I would have the platter as I do want to open myself up to vegan food, and it looked like something I would love.

I would be stupid not to have it next time too really, I mean did you see it up there!?. The platter had so many things that I love. First off it had the chunkiest of wedges and a good number too! Then some cauliflower bites soaked in a lovely red hot sauce. Chickpea bites which were nice and I am not the biggest chickpea fan. Then loads of nachos and salsa dips. All for £7.95, which was an absolute bargain! Plus, with a lot of these, when it came to Victoria’s birthday, I tried to make a mini version of it as part of her birthday meal. Mainly because she loves that platter, and partly because I really wanted it too!

If you have any food allergies, luckily they are very helpful to that as their menu informs you if it is vegan, veggie, gluten and dairy free. So they are considerate, Victoria and I have only had the platters vegan wise, so I am not sure what way they work if you need to alter a  meal to suit you. But the fact they have sides and then mains that vegans can have and that also looks and tastes awesome is great. Though in saying that I am tempted to get their 3 bean vegan chilli one day, as it has the sweet potato wedges included…  I have also just noticed that their sloppy joe burger is gluten free, so I might mention that to Victoria!

Overall, I would highly recommend the Woodworkers if you were vegan, as not only is there a variety of options, but you can have a nice drink and also play some board games, yes board games. The place is quite chill!

If you enjoyed this post let me know and I can make it a little series! If you want to chat more about any of my posts, please follow me on TwitterInstagram and also to receive updates, Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

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