Weight loss to Christmas challenge: 13th – 16th November

Welcome back to my little series about as you can guess from the title… Losing weight before Christmas! To catch up on why I am doing this have a little read here and how my first 3 days went here… it’s okay, I’ll wait.

So the gist of the challenge is that I want to lose around 30lbs before December 25th. It is a high aim, but one I feel I can do! Let’s see how well I have done thus far. So far I am 2.5 lbs down.

13th November

I feel that I have finally sorted out my diet and have a bit of confidence in this challenge. Losing those 2.5 lbs in the first few days was a good start, not a great one in my supercritical mind, as I had hoped I would lose a bit more in water weight. But that time will come when I get everything in sync.
Tonight Victoria and I are off to join a little running club created by a member of staff from Victoria’s favourite eatery Tony & Jen’s. We have been used to going on Wednesdays for a few weeks and it is good fun! Victoria enjoys it for the mix in her running. Sadly it involves a lot of uphill running, so you are never going to get a PB in these cases.

Today there are a lot more runners and it involves us going in the opposite direction than what we are used to. Like I said they mix it up and it’s great that way! The only downside to the run is that it is quite cold, so gloves and winter wear is now necessary. The head torch will be making it back into my bag for the afternoon runs as sometimes that sun drops!

I feel good after the run and we go home for some nice food and chill. A good day!


TOTAL LOST 3.5lbs, 26.5lbs to go.

14th November

Tuesday comes along and I have to go to work for a meeting, which is annoying as it stops me from going to the gym. I have found that I am finding silly excuses not to exercise. Such as a meeting that will last an hour. No excuses as simple as that and I try to remind myself not to let this stick. Luckily I am keeping with my diet and eating less and eating cleaner.

Weight loss starts in the kitchen after all, so by at least keeping everything together at this part then, I will always steadily lose a good bit! Also, I am keeping my steps up around 15,000 on days I am not running and that is okay. I would like to get to 20,000 steps, but trying to will myself to leave at around 9 or 10 for a quick 5km is hard at the minute. I try to reason it is because I don’t have much reflection stuff at the minute. But I do, so as said, silly excuses!

TOTAL LOST 4lbs, 26lbs to go.

15th November

I was watching a podcast about eating and there was an aspect of the talk that I got intrigued by and decided that I will stick with for a little while to see how it goes. This involves fasting. Now I know, fasting isn’t accepted as a good thing for weight loss and health is generally most people, but this one made sense and after researching it online, I liked it!

So this involves eating only within a certain time frame from the first time you eat that day. So, for example, I started with a 9 hour period, I will eat what I need to within 9  hours and let my body work through the food for the next 15 or so hours. I have always been a late breakfast eater or even just skipping it totally, so if I eat or drink anything I am counting it from then. I think this is a good thing for me to try as I think I have been falling foul of eating before bed and I know that is something I will cut.

Due to being in work, I decide to eat a bit less today and have a bit more of a fast as I will not be moving about as much. I bring a fair bit of fruit and veg into work with me to snack on as I didn’t bring a meal with me.

TOTAL LOST 5.5lbs, 24.5lbs to go.

16th November

It’s Thursday and I have an entire week off, from work so it is time to relax, but I don’t want to get lazy so I try to be productive, this involves walking into town with Victoria in the morning as that is sneaking my steps up a lot (easy 6k steps). I had previously looked into my Samsung health app and noticed there was a competition/challenge regarding steps and one that people obviously cheated at, but I have set myself a little goal. 200,000 steps before I start back to work on Thursday. It had a funky little map and a leaderboard, so something fun to get into.

I also decided that I wanted an improved scale, so I bought a nice new digital one and I am very pleased with it! It does sadly mean that I will be weighing myself better as my old scales were not digital and made it a bit harder to read, so at least now I will be a bit more exact with the loss (and hopefully no gain!).

Another day and another loss, I know that I will not lose this quickly in the next couple of weeks as I can tell that it is water weight that is now leaving my body as it works out what I am doing. I am pleased and hopeful!

TOTAL LOST 6.5lbs, 23.5lbs to go.

That is the second update finished! 6.5lbs down within the first week and I am pretty pleased that I just crossed into the 6lbs! I am not sure what I can do in the next week, but if I can keep it something similar knowing that I will have a bit of a cheat day on Friday (17th). Until then.

If you want to chat more about any of my posts, please follow me on TwitterInstagram and  Facebook also to receive updates, Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!


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  1. whoa man! that is some nice spirit. setting goals that are challenging and overcoming those challenges speak a lot. good luck on the resolution and keep us updated. would love to read more.


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