Growing a beard for the first time: Taming the beard.

Hello! After talking about growing a beard for the first time (read here) I thought it would be handy to give you a little update on it! Let’s get into it!

Well, the beard is still here and I am as surprised as anybody that it is. I thought for sure that I would ditch it by now from being annoyed with it. Beards are a complicated beast to understand for me. I am still unsure as to why we grow them as they are just an additional nuisance to keep groomed and organised. I have really struggled with keeping the thing tamed…

What style would you like?

Once my beard grew to the point where it was thick and a bit wild, I had to start thinking about how I would like my beard to look. Did I want it to be mostly around my neck? Did I want a nice angled beard, letting my beard be longer on the chin? Did I want it just shorter and tidier? So many options and that is before you consider how it should look in relation to your hairstyle. So many damn options…

Fair bit tidier now!

I decided that for now, I wanted to get rid of the hair around my neck. I already had it gone from the lower part of my neck, but it was still quite…. necky? So when it came to trimming and trying not to mess it up!  I think eventually I will trim the cheeks down and let it be a bit more angular. Hopefully, but who knows!

What to use to trim that beard

I was using my old razor and normal scissors and having a horrid time in trying to keep it tidy, I mean horrendous! Nothing was looking right and I was pretty sure I was ruining the beard and thought that the end of the road was getting pretty close. But I persevered and let it grow again and over Christmas, I bought myself a pretty nifty beard grooming kit.

Been good to me thus far!

Other than having a razor that had the right type of heads for my beard (and hey maybe even hair too!) I was a bit more confident in styling it up around my neck. I haven’t yet tried to fix the cheek area yet, but I will do so soon. The other part of the kit that I love is the scissors. Instead of the normal house scissors, I had barber scissors that allowed me to just snip wayward hairs and just keep things a bit more kept. In the next few days, I will give it all a proper go over. I just had to have it tidy for Christmas… You can’t look messy at Christmas, thems the rules.

What’s next with the facial fuzz?

I originally wanted the beard to be gone at Christmas, but I have since decided to keep it til around March when the weather starts to turn a bit brighter and warmer. Then this could be a yearly thing. Start growing it in late September and then let it go for a little while in the summer. I have enjoyed this little voyage of facial hair growth. I will provide a final update in March so you can see the wonderful growth I have obtained… Hopefully.

If you want to chat more about any of my posts, please follow me on Twitter and Instagram also to receive updates, Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!


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