Aims for 2018: part 1

2017 was a weird beast, I never give resolutions or aims, so here I am to try and promise myself on a few things for the next year. This is a tripleheader, today is the general aims, tomorrow exercise related and then the third day will be blog aims. So… shall we?

Lose 50lbs minimum

I had tried to have a little kickstart into 2018 that worked for a little while, but work came about and ruined all that, so here we are in 2018 and I am ready and set to get this going. Ideally, I would like to ditch the fat by the end of May. Not too much, but enough to make it a good challenge, there are a few things that I need to do to get to that, but these are present further down on this little list on how I will achieve this aim.

Read more

I used to read a hell of a lot and a mixture of work and me being a lazy bugger kind of got in the way. I will check to see if my Kindle still works and get some books sorted and start reading when exercising (Planning on getting a bike and have it set for home workouts so I can read or catch up on films more). I have been stuck in reading fiction for quite some time, as for some reason I can’t get into biographies. The closest I get to is history books as I love to learn. Biographies about celebrities are of no interest to me unless that person has changed their genre or world, then I simply do not have time for it.

I don’t want to put any pressure on myself on the number of books I will read this year as I could potentially smash that. Or alternatively I could read very little, but I will read more than I did in the past previous years.

Get a better schedule for exercise

Working in the sector I do, my schedule is usually all over the place, this was usually a nice set schedule, but it was changed and it has since been very unpredictable, so I can’t overly plan anything as much as I would like to. My days are too messed up, it is as simple as that sadly. I know I have the mornings off, so I am going to try and organise my runs and gym time around that period before work and then go to the gym in the evening on my non-long work days.

I have to get up in the mornings and really just get going. I have been feeling lethargic for the past while in the mornings and I just haven’t been able to shake it. I am hoping that I can shake this and just get on it for the New year.

Run 3 miles a day

I miss running, I have totally neglected it a few times this year and I am sorely disappointed in myself about that. So I don’t want to push myself too much, so a simple 5k a day will take the fat away. You can have that one on me. Merry Easter.

I love running, it invigorates me no end. Running is what helped me lose weight and if I want to get rid of this weight, I will have to run. But I am not stupid, I know I can’t go back into running my usual 10k – 10-mile run to begin with. So let’s ease back in with some lovely 5k’s and then build it up. It should take less than an hour out of my day each time. If that means sleeping less (I have found I have been sleeping a bit more lately and I think that has caused my lethargy) then so be it. I always worked a little better on at most 6 hours sleep and I shall return to that. Let’s do this!


I have been saving for a house for the guts of two years and that has meant I haven’t had the opportunity to travel. I caught the bug and then had it, by my own choice taken away. Now the house is (almost) complete I can now plan for holidays. 2018 will be filled with little weekend breaks and some longer holidays across as many places as possible Sorry Victoria… You are being dragged everywhere for a few years.

I want to do a few foreign marathons and races next year so they can almost help with the weekend breaks. I will have to sit down with Victoria and work out where we are going to go, but Europe is a safe bet. I know she has been up in the Scandinavian countries so we will probably venture South.

For a longer holiday, I know where we should go, but that will take a lot of planning so I am going to hold that one close to my chest just in case.

Cement the style I want: Clothes etc

I have had quite a distinctive enough look. I like to wear chinos, shirt and a waistcoat. But I think in 2018 when I have lost the weight again I will try and improve on this, especially in work. I kind of want to keep the chinos and simple Oxford shirts for at home and have more formal shirts and waistcoats for work. I am not sure why I like dressing slightly better, but I do. I hope it eventually moves to having more suits as I think I look better this way.

Cement the style I want: House

By owning the house in 2018, I want to almost completely redecorate the entire place and make it my own. I have lived in this house on and off all my life and it has rarely looked different. I have my own look that I might want to have. The house currently looks pretty bland and though I would like to hope that I am not a bland person, I do want to make it a bit more personable to anyone who comes in. Plus I want a proper kitchen table. Simple things…

Be a better friend

I am the first to admit that I am a horrible replier to messages. There are times that I just simply forget. It is horrible to see recent messages from friends and then the realisation that I haven’t responded. I hate it, I also want to see my friends more. I lived in England for a few years and I have barely seen any of them since and that annoys me too. I want to see my friends and build upon that close group that I once had again.

Cooking cleaner

I think I have been pretty good at cooking in a healthy way and making sure I am having the right nutrients etc. But I can always do better and I aim to improve on this, this year. Since dating Victoria I have greatly improved on my cooking thanks to her being on a plant-based diet, as well as a gluten and soy free diet. I want to cook at least have one meal a day gluten and meat free.

Now I am not going to become a vegan as it is simply not for me as I enjoy eating meat far too much and feel no shame in eating meat. Luckily Victoria doesn’t judge me for that as I know it could be a struggle for couples who are like that to keep going. But we work in that department pretty easily. So just cooking a little more can’t harm me too much. It would most likely be a breakfast or lunch though!

Well that is everything for this part, Please come back tomorrow to find out what my exercise aims are for the year. They are pretty silly!

If you want to chat more about any of my posts, please follow me on Twitter and Instagram also to receive updates, Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

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