Aims for 2018: Part 3 – The Blog

Well, hello there! Well done for sticking to the third post! If you haven’t read my other posts check my general aims here and my exercise ones here. Phew, a lot of links out of the way! Now let’s see what I would like to achieve on the blog and social media etc in 2018.


I want to apologise, my posting over the past few months has been pretty erratic, I have been out of it for some reason and I have no real reason for it. So I just want to apologise, if you wondered why some series just end. I won’t let it happen again, I have actually got a fair few posts I want to talk about and ones that I can return to every month. Such as these aims. Every 3 months I will come back and look at how I have done thus far. Thanks for sticking with me so far! I will get better honest!

Also, I will be removing what I talk about on certain days, as I felt that this was limiting on what I wanted to talk about each time and I think that got to me a little bit. I will keep the days that will be posted. but I will simply not have a category in which that post will be about on that set day. It could be anything…. oooooh mystery!


If you have noticed, I have a section called films… I had intended to fill this with film reviews and pieces about films. But it is pretty bare, some would say empty… So from now on, I will get into it, so expect some film reviews and critiques etc. I used to write reviews for films back in the day at university and it was something people and I enjoyed, so why not focus on it and see if others enjoy it?

From loosening the reigns on when I speak about specific I think I will improve as a writer and communicate my thoughts a bit better. This is something that I started to do a little while ago when I brought in the beard series. This interested me as it was something that was happening to me. Too often I see people post about topics that have no interest to them, I have a lot of interests. Music, sports, films. Everything that everyone else probably has. But here we are, come for the health and fitness posts, stay for the food, film and sports! Maybe? Hopefully!


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will notice I post pretty irregularly and in Twitter’s case, very rarely. I plan on changing that this year and annoying you fine folks a lot more! (Sorry?) To be fair I do not know why I post so little on Twitter and Facebook, but I am far more likely to post on Instagram. It might be the visual element of it all. I am not sure. Maybe I should make a post about it… Hmm…

I used to think not talking about the blog on my Twitter account would be annoying to people who follow me for other reasons than the blog. So for 2018, I have decided to post more but to be conscious of what I am posting about. I also started posting my posts on Instagram which was something I never thought people did until I found it. It has been positive thus far! Let’s see how that all goes.


I am connected with a few blogging groups on Facebook, but have found that I do the bare minimum with those folks and that isn’t fair to me and them. I could be obtaining a tonne of information and guidance and it is all there for me to just reach out for and I am not taking it. Foolish Scott! With Victoria also being a blogger, I recently got to attend a blogging meet up for Christmas dinner and it was very insightful to meet other bloggers and talk about what I talk about and compare etc. I very much enjoyed that experience and will happily attend again and try to be more talkative!

Well, that ends my triple header. If you stuck around with me for the last 3 days, well done and thank you for reading! Now go on out there and have an awesome year!

If you want to chat more about any of my posts, please follow me on Twitter and Instagram also to receive updates, Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

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