Vegan dates #2: Tony and Jen’s

Welcome back to this little series of places that my girlfriend Victoria (Retrosnowflake) and I eat in due to her plant-based/vegan life. There a lot of great vegan options in Belfast nowadays and although I am not vegan, I feel it is worthwhile mentioning these places as they go to great lengths to accommodate their customers. To look back at other vegan posts check here. Today we talk about Tony and Jen’s Victoria’s favourite place to eat.



Tony and Jen are a couple of nutritionists who started up their own restaurant and decided that they would only serve their customers meals that included healthy ingredients. You will not see any refined sugars here despite what they have. They use cacao instead of cocoa (a great thing for Victoria). Instead of Nutella, they have ‘Notella’, instead of ice cream, they have banana based ‘Nice cream’. They are serious about this way of living and it is wonderful to see.


Victoria almost always goes for the pancakes. These beautiful things are not your standard stack of pancakes with just honey on top (though that is an option) oh no, no no. These bad boys come with all the trimmings, here is but just a small selection of their tasty offerings.

Good right?

They serve all their meals as vegan and merely allow customers to pay the extra for the meat, which I do. My favourite is the stew because an Irish boy loves his stew! Though I have since ventured out a little and have enjoyed the Chilli con-carne and Asian Pot Zoodles, breakfast fries. Buddha bowls… Even their waffles get treated the same as their pancakes!

I am not a tea or coffee drinker, so I usually go for the Strawberry dream smoothie, which always goes down very well! Victoria usually goes for a tea or coffee and even their latte’s get a colourful burst with such offerings as the beet latte and a tumeric latte! I might be a little dim when it comes to coffee, but I never would have imagined a brightly coloured coffee. These two are quite creative!


To help finish off your meals they have lots of little treats for you to snack on. Energy balls such as raspberry ruffle, mint, nut or even cacao brownies. There are most likely more options that I am sadly forgetting, but that is the best thing. You should just come down and try it for yourself! If you aren’t from Belfast, then if you ever visit our fair city, then hopefully you know a place in which to go to for food.

To check out more lovely food from Tony and Jen’s check out their socials facebooktwitter and instagram. Thanks for reading!

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