Superbowl trailer spots 2018

Unluckily for me, I am in the UK and that means it was 1am and here I am watching tv spots and teaser trailers for films. Luckily (or even more unluckily) for you I am going to chat about these clips. Shall we?

Solo: Star Wars Story – May 25th

I spoke about my dread for the film here and until tomorrow I can’t really talk any more about the prospects for the film, but Ron Howard has been retweeting anyone who is willing to give the teaser some good words… But, it is bland, very bland. With all the bad press going around for this film, they needed this teaser to knock everyone’s socks off before. But it didn’t, it is, in fact, one of the more disappointing trailers this year and maybe for a couple of years. My reasons for worrying about the film are only ever growing. Little glimpses of the main actors are all we get, a teaser that doesn’t tease but just delays the boring inevitable.

Mission Impossible: Fallout – 26th July

Now that we are into Mission Impossible 17, it makes sense that they keep it simple title-wise, but I am surprised they haven’t gone for MI: Fallout for simplicities sake I have never minded this franchise as they always try their best to deliver a good spectacle and it appears that they are going all out on this one.

I almost feel that Tom Cruise got seriously pissed about destroying his ankle (clip shown in the trailer) that he told the writers and stunt crew to make up more things for him to do when he came back. This time around we at least has some reasoning from others as to why he is not listening to his own Government. How many times has he been betrayed? Though from the trailer it is a little disappointing to see the last films MVP Rebecca Ferguson get slightly sidelined this time as they built a real opportunity to have her become a serious part of the franchise. There is enough intrigue to bring me to the theatre. Henry Cavill as an apparent villain will help with that I feel.

Cloverfield: Paradox – Now

I feel that 10 Cloverfield Lane was a bold choice in using the name of the previous film to expand the universe, but not on what happened before in the first film. Despite this, I feel other people wanted to know if our two heroes got out of that tunnel! What happened to the monster? Will this film provide us with any answers? Hopefully so, as the trailer has glimpses of answering some questions. But, if as the trailer insinuates that the monster came from space, then that is a worry, as everyone wanted this beast to be a Kaiju.

The interesting gimmick in having it on Netflix right after the SuperBowl is a risky one. Wouldn’t most people be too full or drunk and tired to concentrate on a film? It isn’t going to get those big numbers off the bat. But interesting decision nonetheless. As of writing it is also unsure if it will get a theatre release or stay on Netflix.

Red Sparrow – 1st March

It was good to see this teaser pop up for the SuperBowl. It needs the push as I have still heard very little on the positive side about it, which is worrying. I still live in hope that it is good and pulls in decent numbers as it deserves to from the premise. But, in this spot, it appears as if they are trying to make Jennifer Lawrence’s character conflicted about all of her work, which may be a mistake. Having her know and like what she does pulls more of a punch for me. Let’s hope it is a good one come March!

Jurassic World: Kingdom of the Fallen – 6th June

Jurassic Park: The Lost World got a spot… Sorry, no that’s incorrect! Kingdom of the Fallen had a very Lost World feel to it didn’t it? They come and take some dinosaurs off the island (to save them this time) and somehow one gets loose in “our” world. There is a snippet where more than one might get out… Bigger sequels and all that. That or that girl lives in the compound that they keep these monsters in, and that is even more unsettling.

I enjoyed this trailer enough, it appears to be doing down a darker route, which a sequel is want to do every so often. There is only one child in the film and the two boys are gone which is a Godsend. But again a retread of the company wants to make money off the dinosaurs in any way possible and if that means the mainland then so be it. I know in this culture we love seeing all the trailers and as many as possible for a film, but I do enjoy just seeing one teasery type trailer that doesn’t show too much. This I feel showed me enough to not be as interested sadly.

Skyscraper – 13th July

The Rock is going through all of the 80’s hits it seems in his action movies. Classic end of the world film. Check, Saving his loved ones from a robbery in a multistory complex. Check.

This subtle Die Hard film (sorry Mr Johnson)rachet ups the stakes. It is our protagonists entire family at stake. He is an amputee. Instead of a cop, he is a former FBI agent. Instead of it being a building for offices, it is the biggest one in the world that people can live in. Instead of swinging off the roof with a hose, he climbs up a crane and runs and jumps off it to get back inside the building as he is getting shot at by someone in a helicopter. I mean am I the only one see this?! It’s a modern-day Die Hard film make no qualms about it.

Skyscrapers premise was in a bidding war with many production companies as it was to be set in China (but filmed in Toronto) and thus make that beautiful Renminbi. So you can almost see why there are similarities between it and Die Hard.

A Quiet Place – 6th April

The only horror type film to pop up has a great premise. If you make sound creatures that have taken over the Earth will hunt you down and kill you. So there could be a powerful scene of mourning as Emily Blunt’s character is seen screaming out in a tub, could this be a quiet/muted scream so she can convey the loss of a loved one?

John Krasinski directs his first big budget film so it will be interesting to see how it goes. I like the idea, and the trailer for this post-apocalyptic creature horror had me wanting to go as it didn’t give too much away. Let’s hope it fulfils this!

Avengers: Infinity Wars – 27th April

Short and to the point, as Thor says “Are you ready?” this big release will do a stupid amount of business, but I feel as if Marvel has slightly backed themselves into a corner with all of the characters they are throwing our way in the film thus a 30 second practically just showing us all of the characters involved! (Still not as much love for the Guardians as I would like, but I can be picky). 30 seconds wasted in my opinion, as it was nothing new, we knew everyone was already there. Potentially have been used better for another film.

I am sure it will be a good film, but it is almost certain that one or more characters are dying in this film, so the big guessing game of who doesn’t make it out alive will be going right up until the release date. Who have you got?

Well, that was our lot movie wise from the trailers. I hope you enjoyed this breakdown, it should be a good, fun summer with all these blockbusters coming out! Until next time.

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  1. Wow! Jurassic world and mission impossible are on the to watch list. Quiet place looks and sounds interesting too. Didn’t watch the super bowl so this was helpful!


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