Foreign races I want to compete in: 2018 part 1

Hello! If you didn’t know by now I am quite the keen little runner and I have run a range of races from 5k all the way to 12 hours (including a failed 24-hour attempt) But almost all of my races have been held in my little home country of Northern Ireland. All but two that is, Reykjavik (impromptu holiday marathon) and the Dublin marathon. So one thing I wanted to do this year was spread my wings and stretch those legs to see where else I could run that wasn’t “home”. Here is a little list of those and why I want to go there! Enjoy!

Rome – 8th April

I know, I know I should be doing Paris, but Paris can wait I want to go to Rome. You will find out later that I love Italy so any opportunity that I have to return there and explore is one I will take up happily! To go past all that history is one I will not miss!

Luxembourg – 12th May

A race that crosses into the evening in a lovely little country? Sold! Morning races are so boring, let’s get this craze of afternoon/evening races going shall we?

Brussels 20km – 27th May

Not all races are marathons or even half marathons. So let’s rejoice in this random distance and say hello at the start line!

Midnight Sun Tromso 16th June

A popular one for runners I feel, but getting the chance to run so late at night in such brightness is great! I seem to runner smoother and better in the evening, so it is almost as if this race is tailor-made for me to compete in! Just got to work out a way to get up there!

Berlin – 16th September

The fastest marathon, why wouldn’t I make sure I get a lovely PB? (fingers firmly crossed) Plus I know someone who might want to go to the city, so I feel it would be wise if I used it as a chance to have a mini holiday after a busy summer and to enjoy myself with great company and a major!

Lucca – 21st October

I travelled to Italy for a month a few years ago and one of the places I immediately fell in love with was Lucca. Why? Well, when the old part of your city is surrounded by a massive wall that has it’s top tarmacked over for people to run, cycle, rollerblade or walk on. It makes it quite appealing for a runner.

Dublin – 28th October

Still very local, but a great event nonetheless. Dublin marathon was the first race that I felt it was a type of event. Belfast is okay, but it is flooded with relay runners, running along with 20,000 marathon runners all trying their best is a lot more challenging and rewarding. The perk of not having to travel far only increases my want to go!

Athens – 11th November

Why Athens you ask? Well, why wouldn’t I want to run the race that follows along the same route of the reason a marathon is called a marathon? Why wouldn’t I want to start in a beautiful stadium and finish in THE stadium for Olympics? A legendary race in November sounds right up my alley thank you very much!

This is very much a part 1 as I am sure I will find more races I want to compete in and sign up for as the year goes on. Come back in May for the additional choices! Which races would you love to compete in? Let me know below!

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