Snow/Winter themed films to watch this weekend.

With the snow and the wind most likely keeping everyone indoors this weekend, I thought it would be fun to have a themed film and tv binge list to pick and choose what to watch while I wait for the world to come back it’s normal rainy British ways. So without further ado here is a little list of films that you can watch online!

30 Days of Night (Netflix)

Hopefully, we aren’t stuck too long with these conditions, but anywhere up in the far North of the world are used to long dark days, but what happens if something sinister comes in that dark period?

A film based on a comic book, that has great world building. A fun dark watch in my opinion. If you aren’t already feeling the cold you will more so during this. Anecdotal story here, but I worked in a cinema when this was released and the Air conditioning for that screen was broken and the screen was freezing. Customers loved it as they thought we did it on purpose to make it a 4D experience, crazy people!


Everest (Netflix)

Be relieved that you are in a nice populated area. In your home with your heating and food. Imagine being trapped in a snowstorm in Everest… This biopic tells the story of the real events of the 1996 disaster 28,000+ feet up a mountain. A great watch, but I would almost immediately also recommend that right after you head to Youtube and watch the following documentaries about the dangers of mountaineering the highest peaks.


Everest: The Death Zone

Nightmare on Everest

Fatal Altitude: K2

Miracle on Everest

Sherpas: The True Heroes of Everest

Fargo (Netflix)

With Frances McDormand, set to win Best Actress at the Oscars, watch the film that she won her first Academy Award for. Set in the winter of 1987, a car salesman deep in debt has to fake the kidnapping of his wife to obtain ransom money from his father in law, but from the start, things go wrong.

Catch this classic dark comedy-drama from the Coen Brothers.

Fargo TV series (Netflix)

Based on the film, this tv series goes off the traits that made the film fantastic and keeps it going, amping up the tension in each episode. Luckily every season is a stand-alone so there isn’t a great deal of commitment needed to enjoy.

Ice Age (Netflix)

For the family orientated you out there I would be remiss if I didn’t throw in some of these choices in too. I am not sure how many of these films are on Netflix, but I believe a few are. I watched one of these last year and I was shocked at how much I enjoyed the film and I have no children. But if you are a parent, you most likely already own this and have it lined up. I was shocked to find that this franchise has been going strong for 15 years and 5 films! What!?!? Check it and let the kids have some fun as you plot how to make it to a supermarket that is open.

Frozen (Come on you own this)

Same as above, if a parent, or non-parent, you own this film, little needs to be said as to why you should watch it. Stick it on and have a nice sing-a-long!

The Frozen Planet (Netflix)

Let’s go to the gorgeous world of animal documentaries. No one does these better than the BBC. 1 whole season/series worth of beautiful landscapes in the North Pole spread through the length of a year. It is wonderful and sombre as these documentaries always are. Well worth the watch.

I Am Alive: Andes Crash (Youtube)

As much as I enjoyed the biopic film Alive about the 1974 Uruguayan rugby team airplane crash in the Andes. I thought the documentary with interviews with the actual survivors was far more riveting and emotional. Understanding how they survived and what they eventually had to do to survive for that long in the mountains with no help coming is harrowing, but well worth your time.

The Revenant (Netflix)

If you are in a bear fighting mood then look no further than The Revenant, watch Hugh Glass (Leonardo di Caprio) scratch and claw his way back to civilisation of the frontier in 1823 to avenge the murder of his son by John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) Shot entirely in natural light, this film is based off the story that occurred when Glass was attacked by a bear and left for dead, due to the journey the party had to undertake. There are some differences in the film and the recorded events, but this happens a lot in Hollywood.

Well, that’s it! I hope there are some picks on that list for you to peak at. I did want to add a few classics such as The Shining, The Thing (If you own the prequel I would say to watch it first and then the 1987 film and assume that the alien got smarter as it learned what humans could do to survive so it has adapted to us) and of course Plane, Trains and Automobiles. Until next time!

Let me know if you enjoyed this post! If you want to chat more about any of my posts, please follow me on TwitterInstagram and Facebook to also receive updates. Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!


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