24 Hour running race – The training plan

Last week I rambled on about my plans to compete in a 24-hour race here in Belfast in June. Well, this week you lucky people get to see what my training plan is going to look like for it. Now please note that this training plan is very much in its infancy and may update the more advice I get from people more in the know!


So March is the time that I will effectively just be running to get mileage beyond a marathon up. Aiming to run comfortably to two marathons. This is mostly due to the recent weather, so I know I can’t just start busting out long periods of running. I need to ease myself back in and I will do that otherwise injury will come along and mess up my day!

So with that said, luckily for me, I have a lot of time off in March, or well in the next week or so anyway. From the 13th I will be aiming for 10km a day and build up to a long run when I know I have the time. I have a 10km to train for in April with Victoria and I want her to be as well conditioned as she can be for her first serious race at that distance, plus she is flirting with longer distances so maybe I can tempt her into something training wise.


This month brings along a completely different schedule for me as I will be switching to a 9-5 Monday to Friday job. This means I have mornings and evenings to run (evenings being my favourite) I am excited about this, as I know I can run home and a bit further each day to build myself up and then on the weekend I can plan to have one nice super long run, aiming each time to make it over 5 hours in the first two weeks and then the 6 hours as the month goes on, hopefully ending the month on 7-8 hours running and notching in around 40 miles. If I get that then I know I am in good stead.

I will use long tow paths to start off with. There is a 25-mile one that I can utilise during the weekends, otherwise, when it comes to the long hauls, I will try and get myself at a park with a loop, so I can get back into getting used to those. As last time, that is what cost me mentally. Yes, my knee gave out with some pain, but mentally I think I was shot well before that.


May starts to become a bit of a crunch period as it will the race will be a month away and I need to start figuring things out such as how far is enough to run, whether to take breaks or to taper. Lot’s of questions!

Well, the first week of the month will be filled with the Belfast marathon and I will be utilising the EAM’s peeps as they always host a race the day before and so I will again take a nice and easy half marathon on a Sunday and then go nice and easy for the marathon the next day. I won’t push myself too hard. I will aim for 4:30 or at worst there is a co-worker who is running for the first time and I may tag along with him and make sure he finishes okay… As I have run this route and race so many times now that I know a PB is out of the question, but to make sure someone else finishes the race is greatly rewarding.

I found this with Victoria in her two races and her future ones that she wants me to run alongside her with. So I will do the same with my colleague and perhaps try and see if he needs assistance in the last two months so I have an additional training buddy (all the more reason to get me running really).

Near the end of the month (I believe) EAMS are hosting a 12-hour race as a prelim for the 24-hour race, which is wonderful and shows how great they are. The 12 hour is always a good thing and I will know where I am at right before the race with it. So wish me luck!

Next week I will chat about running loops and how I will try not to let it drive me crazy!

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