My love for the photo album

Today I am going to chat about something a little different from my usual fare. I recently found my parents old photo albums and was transfixed for ages as I turned every page and saw what they got up to in their lives before my birth and when I was a youngster. This made me think a little bit about the fact that photo albums are becoming a bit rarer in today’s technological age and how I feel that is a shame due to the value that they can hold. Let’s go back to the beginning, shall we?

That old family photo album

I think I became quite fond of looking at old photo’s of my parents and family when my mother passed away a number of years ago as we weren’t the biggest of video families. So if there was any documentation of our lives it would be via photographs.

As I started off, I loved seeing these old stained over time photo’s of my parents in the 70’s getting married and being around their family Seeing my grandmother who I never got to meet and my grandfather who I only knew for a few years before he also passed away was a little emotional. I don’t remember too many things about him. Just little pieces here and there. So, getting the opportunity to see him smiling and hugging and playing with my cousins and sister is great.

I think my point is, I wasn’t around for these moments and to get a chance to glance into the lives of those people who are closest to me is interesting. I get to see the silly fashion styles, the hair and facial hair, the old house, or how the family home used to look etc. It is intriguing that I can just turn a page and look into the past and enjoy it.

Keeping it digital?

This brings me to thinking about how we mainly store images and videos now. It is all on our phone, computer or sd card. Stored away for preservation, but let’s be honest, if it wasn’t uploaded to a social media or properly sorted into a folder on your computer, how likely are you to check those photos?

I know people have the digital frames and it is like a mini slideshow, but for some reason, I can never get used to them as I like getting to look at the image for a while and thinking about what was going on back then and to the people in the photo. Maybe that is just the over analyser in me, but hey ho.

I had this issue a year or two ago when I lost my SD card of a lot of my photo’s from my trip to Italy. Luckily, I was being a bit of a social media fiend and posting a lot on Instagram and Facebook and had created a folder on there. I was devastated by the loss and I have seen people lose their Facebook or social media accounts, they could potentially have just lost all of their photos and memories. I now resort to storing everything twice and if one of these methods is on DVDs for videos and CDs or photo albums for images.

Keeping those memories for us

Back to the reason this post was made. It was my girlfriend and I’s first anniversary over the weekend and I wanted to give her something that we can just look on and laugh and reminisce in the future, so I gave her a photo album and said if there are ones she wants to add, to let me know and I can get a bigger album as we took a lot of photos’ this year and I merely picked some that had a bit meaning… Also, pictures of our food, because, food.

I want it to be this awesome document of our lives that eventually maybe people can see in the future and we can chat about. I am stupidly nostalgic like that. I want to be able to embarrass my kids or my other half with this massive book of the past instead of clicking through on a website. Yes, it will take up lots of space, but I want it there on my bookshelf ready for me to look into whenever I want, or whenever anyone wants, just having this document of the past there to be flicked through on a rainy day is what I want. Is it the old school person in me? Maybe, but it is something that I feel we shouldn’t lose in the future.

Are you a physical or a digital person when it relates to photographs? Would you like to have an album to have as a memory? Or is it grand on your computer or phone?

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14 thoughts on “My love for the photo album

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  1. I totally agree with you!! I hate that this day and age never prints off their photos!! When I have kids, I want them to be able to go through albums, scrapbooks or even a huge box of random pictures back from when mommy and daddy were younger. There is something about holding a photo in your hand that brings back even more memories than looking at them on a screen. 🙂

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  2. I love turning the pages off n old photo albums. I scrapbook. Made it be for each of my kids and will continue to add to them


  3. My two older children are 25 and 21 and I have several photo albums filled with pictures of them, but my baby is 8 years old and everything is on the computer sadly, I really need to print them and make an album of his pictures too! Sadly we will see a day where they won’t have photos on print anymore!


  4. We still have photo albums (thanks to my dad who was meticulous about printing photos every trip we took) and it’s always wonderful walking down memory lane. In today’s age, we have created a few photobooks and the kids love looking through them. Thanks for the reminder that we need to do this more often!!

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  5. I grew up with old family photo albums all around. And to this day, I still make albums each year because they’re more meaningful than just having photos saved on the computer.Like you said too, SD cards and online photos could get lost. But albums could get damaged too. So it’s important to have memories online and physically in your hands. Love this topic!


  6. I am a photo album lover too, there is nothing quite like getting out a physical album and flicking through all the wonderful memories you’ve chosen to keep. It never gets old.


  7. OMG I remember I used to buy this kind of photo albums, and every year I always receive photo albums as gifts, hahaha. I enjoyed scrapbooking my photo albums, and gives me that satisfying happiness. Ahh satisfaction is very different compared to digital photo albums.


  8. I love seeing photos on print and have been printing photos for years now and have a huge collection of albums. I find printed photos give me a more nostalgic feeling compared to digital photos.


  9. I think it’s sad that many people don’t still do photo albums. they are such treasures and hold so many memories. I do continue to make photo albums and plan on handing them down to my kids to enjoy just like you did.

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  10. Hi Scott.
    Great to hear your story and every ones comments. Don’t worry we make wooden photo albums and books in NZ and had some great stories from our customers. All is not lost there are those who appreciate keeping records even in the 21st century!


  11. Hi Scott I did send a comment but can’t see it!
    I just wanted to say it’s great to read your blog, as we make wooden albums and memory books
    Don’t worry there may have dwindled but there are people who still want memory books or photo albums. We have some great stories about how our customers were going to use our books. My niece started us producing a baby book because she wanted one and could not fine da find a nice one. She was in her early twenties then so was definitely in the age group who use mobile photos on Facebook.


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