Getting back that motivation to keep running

Hello! I recently asked a group of runners on a bi-weekly chat on twitter hosted by UKrunchat and asked them a simple question. Have you ever just lost motivation to run and if so, how did you get it back? It is a question that runs through my mind when I hear people talk about losing the motivation for a particular subject.

I got a lot of responses as it seemed to be a topic that people could relate to. So I decided to break down the answers into little groups for you as the majority of the runners are far more experienced and better than I could be! Enjoy!

Lose the technology

I was pointed in the direction of the great Scott Jurek and his book ‘Eat and Run’ in it he points to just going out for a run, do not worry about the time or pace, just go. You could be joined with someone, your dog, or even just go on a run on a route you wouldn’t normally go on. Sometimes the time and the data just adds unneeded pressure to you. If the run or time is poor, it brings you back down, so to begin with, remove that aspect and enjoy the run for what it is.

I can definitely relate to this as a while ago I lost the motivation to run and I was just being lazy, but anytime I ran, the time would be a lot slower than before (adding weight and being rusty causes that) so I would be nervous and unwilling to go out again and run. I decided to just go and run a short distance and it was very refreshing!

Join a group

As I have found as of late since I started running with Victoria, running alone has it’s benefits, but running with one or more people can really be motivating. I had some issues getting into my stride for the first mile or so of a run, and would sometimes pause for a second to shake it off. It would demotivate me slightly and I feel it would slightly affect me for the rest of my run. Whereas running with Victoria helped distract me from that and I could feel the struggle, but I was able to keep going. Whether that was because I didn’t want to ruin our run together or something else I am not sure, but I know it motivated me to keep going.

I know not everyone lives a life of 9-5 so working in the land of shifts can mean joining a running club only partly beneficial as you can’t be free to go to training days every time etc. But now that I am more available I have begun to think about joining a group to help further motivate and improve myself.  Having people recommend this option solidified this theory in my mind. Running alone can be good, but maybe running with others can improve you further as a runner.

Sign up for a race

I wasn’t actually so sure of this approach when I first saw it pop up in the replies, but then I noticed it a few more times and from their own experiences it seemed to do the trick for them.  I guess it all had to do with responsibility. If you made yourself pay for a race, 5k, 10k marathon, whatever. If you have paid for that race then you almost put yourself into an obligation to run that race. It’s paid for and some organisers do not issue refunds or deferrals. So if you don’t run, then you are out of pocket. So what other alternative do you have? You have to get on the road or parks and get running. I feel in certain circumstances this would not go well for me, I might just run the race poorly or start too late.

If you don’t follow UKrunchat on Twitter, you should! They are a great community out there, ranging from newbies to the elites. They have an hour chat every Wednesday and Sunday at 8pm, but there are always conversations going on every day!

Let me know if you enjoyed this post! If you want to chat more about any of my posts, please follow me on TwitterInstagram and Facebook to also receive updates. Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!



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  1. We do that sign up for a race thing. That keeps us motivated, because we are always training for an event (which makes that daily routine important ). Thanks for sharing great tips.


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