The Pain of A Did Not Start

I wrote before about training for the 24-hour race this weekend (June 23rd/24th) and I had high hopes for running well. But a mixture of things have gotten in the way of training and after my right calf decided it wasn’t going to be my friend anymore. I had to withdraw from the race. Gutting.


I have always gone through with a race knowing I am not in the best condition or if I am shattered etc. whatever reason I had in my head to NOT run, I would say ‘tough’ and run it. It was just me being silly and doubting myself I would say. Even if it meant that I did not finish the race and had to endure the dreaded DNF. I at least tried and started. I can say I gave it a go.

I had those doubts again before the 24-hour race. ‘Can I do this? Will my plan to walk more work? If I keep the average to this… etc. etc. I knew I was going to run even if it meant that I was only going to go for the 12 hours and see how my body was. I was going to be there on the start line. The Lisburn happened.

When it hit

I will chat more about the Lisburn 10km race on Sunday, but I will mention that just before the 3km mark, my calf muscle went and I had to stop for a minute and see what the issue was. Was it cramp? Or was this a bit more serious? I rubbed it and stretched it and did everything, but the pain stayed so I went slower and finished the race. I had to see how serious this was for Saturday. A few times around the course I felt it flare up so I would walk for a bit and let it calm. I am almost sure it was just cramp, but if it was happening so early in a 10k race, what on Earth was it going to be like in a 12 or 24 hour one? I would be out within 6 hours guaranteed.

I spent a lot of the race distracted as I was thinking of the weekend. Deep down I knew, of course, I knew that Saturday wasn’t possible and with each 20-second walking break it became clearer and clearer to me what I had to do.

Run for the Short-term glory or think long term?

It came down to that in my mind. Do I run the 24-hour race and really risk something going wrong and be out for a significant period of time after I have just got back into running again. Or do I let this one go and think of the long game? After all, it is only June and there is a lot of sun and good weather to come to enjoy those runs.

For a while pride was making me stick with the longer run. Lying to myself that the 12-hour option was there and we will see. I could see Victoria was thinking long-term for me, she wanted me to enjoy this season and not get injured. But I couldn’t see it. I was cloudy.

What’s next?

Luckily for me, there are races every few weeks (just not 24-hour ones) and I could try and map out a way to get back into better running shape (and general shape) for a big race. I had already booked the Dublin marathon in October, so I set my sights out for that. Plus there are so many other races about that I can feel safe in the knowledge that I can keep that medal tally going. A possible 5 races in August alone has me excited.

It still stings though

Honestly, it does. I didn’t think I would have been as gutted as I am not to compete in a race, I will try and shake it off and keep myself busy on Saturday. I had wanted to go down and support the runners in their attempt, but I think it would get to me a little bit that I wasn’t out there as well running. If I am feeling okay, I might go and see how they are doing, but I might go for a light run or gym workout and distract myself with decorating planning and taking Victoria out for dinner and think positively about what is ahead in the next race.

Have you ever DNS’d? Did you come close to it? Let me know below so I don’t feel too rubbish! Let me know if you enjoyed this post!

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