First home: Planning to decorate

You may have read my journey over purchasing my first home over the last few months, if not, I talk about it here and here. But now I feel as if I should give the home my own identity. So I broke it down a little bit for what is going through my mind on this with the house. Enjoy!

You have bought the house… What next?

It took ages, but it is finally completed. I have the house and I have let that sink if for a couple of weeks. But throughout that time I was plotting on what I would change in it. Nothing against the house and the way it was, but it isn’t quite… Me. The house, as a friend pointed out, sort of resembles a student accommodation as there isn’t much going on in the rooms other than the bedrooms. So I had to start working out, first off what I would be keeping. When it came to specific rooms, sadly, it wasn’t overly much! The sofa and chairs for example were years old and pretty much spent, so I knew they were going to be a new purchase. I really want to sort out my room and the kitchen also. With only little bits to sort in the hallway and bathrooms. The attic… Well it can remain hidden from my thoughts for the mean time!

Figuring out what you like

Living in the family home for so long, I realised that I had never really tried to cement a certain style for the house or really even my bedroom. I had just kept it the way it was and never thought of changing it. This could have been partially out of laziness and trying to safe to actually purchase the house. But I would most likely side with laziness. I was comfortable with it all and knew when I purchased the house I would be able to alter it how I wanted.

But all lazy things must come to an end and so I had to start thinking about me properly living in this home for the next so many years. Did I really want a leather sofa and chair? (Answer is no) Did I want to keep the house painted in a bland cream colour? (Most definitely not!) Did I really need a double oven? Could I use the space in the kitchen better? How about under the stairs? That is just a ‘chuck it in there space’ would I want something better in there. Do I really need those massive wardrobes in my bedroom?

I did this over and over listing things I DIDN’T like about the house in its current state. This then allowed me to think of what I would want in its place. So I had a little table made up with the original thoughts and then to the right, what I thought I would like in its place. Have a look below sure!

I believed that it was better to work out the smaller things or to break it down a lot than to work out the entirety of a house design in one sitting. I love design, but I realise interior design isn’t quite my forte. By breaking down the items and colours I wanted, I was then able to see if they matched or correlated with each other correctly. If they didn’t, then I could see what alternates that were close enough to what I liked, but still matched well.

Planning for the future

In saying all of that, I also had to consider something else. I am in a long term relationship and I in vision that eventually, my girlfriend will move in with me into this house (unless we find a reason to leave/get a bigger house earlier than planned) So, as much as I would like to have the house looking a certain way for me. I have to take in her thoughts too, as in my opinion it would be pointless to decorate the house wholesale, to then redo it a couple of years later. Tweak, yes. But I would like to think that the furniture I buy now, will be something she would want to live with when she makes her way here. Making Victoria a part of the decision team for me was a no brainer, she would be my second brain on it I was making any foolish choices and would keep the ship steering in the right direction. Plus, I would like to think we have similar ideals as to how we would like a house to look. It would be foolish NOT to include her at this point!

Going through it room by room.

I tried to breakdown which room would I want to sort out first and the prominent room in my mind was the living room. It is the room I spend most of my waking day in and it is the one that most likely needs the most work other than my bedroom. I desperately need new furniture etc. I could have tried to sort out the whole house or the bottom floor in one go, but I want to feel energised b completing each room and I don’t want to get into the mind-set of ‘oh just finish it up already’. I want to focus on one room and give it the best of my attention and have it just right before moving onto the next room. Otherwise, I may as well just wing it. So the first room is the living room and I have some thoughts on what I would do…

Living room ideas

Grey, yes that may be boring to you, but I feel I should completely mix it up with the room. I want a nice light grey on the walls as a lot of the furniture will be a fair bit darker. The TV unit and shelves above it will be a darker grey, with a black bookcase to the corner of the room. Add to that a slightly darker grey sofa and loveseat (with black legs) and a black and light wooded desk. I feel I have a great little theme. I want shelves and an open book case as I want to try and limit the amount of things I have in the living room to make it more tranquil. For example only planning to fill one or two shelves of a bookshelf is my ideal plan. Luckily I keep my DVD’s in a big sleeve, so storage isn’t really an issue for me. The only thing I have to really workout for the room is which colour to pick for the curtains. Do I go bold with a nice rich colour or do I add more black… Hmmm

The one thing I wanted was a desk to work on in the living room. Why? Well if I had a little desk there, I would use that space for something other than storage, it would be used for something important and keep me in the living room instead of potentially working in my bedroom when blogging etc. I want to have the bedroom as free from technology as possible (It is something Victoria and I firmly believe in). Plus I want a good comfy bucket style seat for the desk, so if more people come over, then I will have an extra chair.

I am not a coffee table or rub kind of guy as I feel it blocks the space and I have a fairly small living room, so over loading it with furniture would not be advantageous to me.


I have been on/off searching for the past few months on sofas and furniture’s and finally I came to some decisions. Next Home and IKEA have been my go to’s so far, but I know I will pick up little odds and ends elsewhere. For an example of what I am going for see the two snaps I took in IKEA for an idea! Also have a peep at the sofa I am going to go for. Not too bad right?


hanks for staying with me through this mammoth post! I have to start planning when to order things and when to start the work. So expect a little update on that in a month! Until Next time!

Are you decorating your house or have you just finished decorating? Any tips or advice you wished someone had told you? I am more than happy to listen!! Let me know if you enjoyed this post! If you want to chat more about any of my posts, please follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to also receive updates. Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

7 thoughts on “First home: Planning to decorate

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  1. I’ve been in my house almost 3 years now and I still haven’t finished decorating!

    I think the main thing for me is giving each room it’s own unique feel. So I gave each room a different colour. So far I’ve got a yellow room, a navy blue room and a dark red room.

    Good luck with it all.



  2. What a beautiful home! There is so much potential – I am sure you will make it even more fabulous with your decorating. Isn’t home decorating so much fun?


  3. We’ve been in our home for 2 years now. When we forst moved into if we made ‘livable’ as we were also planning our wedding. We have just started working on it again and the decisions to make are endless. I hope you get your home just how you picture. I’m also loving the grey wall/theme for the living room as it’s the choice of colour scheme we have gone for. Good luck for the future decorating 😊

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