5 addictive games on your mobile

Let’s set the scene, you are sat in your living room having a nice relaxing night and you pick up your phone, there could be an ad break on the TV, who knows. You browse your social media and see a sponsored post about a game. It challenges you “only 1% of people can get to 200 points in the first ten attempts”. You look at the short video of how the game is played and laugh. Of course, you can beat that within the first 10 tries. What fool couldn’t!? Stupid game! You think nothing of it for a little bit, but then it pops up again a little while later and you are almost certain you can beat it.

You download the game and hurry past all the stupid notification nonsense and begin to play. The first attempt isn’t the best, but you expect that you didn’t read the rules. You gather yourself and try again, nowhere near would the point total you thought you get… Again and again. You become frustrated bust still a little bit confident that you can beat it by the tenth attempt.

Then you don’t… But you keep playing until you do and then you are stuck forever playing this stupid game because your pride got hurt. Then one day you are social media again and another game pops up! HA! That looks easier! I bet I can do this one….. End scene.

Sound familiar? If it doesn’t then you have a strong will and ignore these pointless, stupid games. If not, welcome to my sorry world. This has happened a few times to me recently and I thought I would review them so you would know to dodge them if they came up on your screen!

Rolly Vortex

A simple enough concept for this game, slide your finger across the screen to make sure the ball dodges all the obstacles. This one actually was the easiest for me to get the hang off, but boy did it become addicting to see if you could get past 50, then 100 and so on.

As you travel through the tube you encounter little rubys which can change the ball or background. which isn’t really something I would be in a major rush to try and catch and found that I was spending more time just getting through to my own little targets. They also mixed it up with missions. Trying to compete on a harder level to do a certain thing can be interesting, but I doubt it would keep me entertained.

After my original burst of interest, I can say I maybe give it a little try once in a while if I am just on my phone. Sadly not a keeper of a game in my opinion.

Helix Ball

This game involves making sure a ball drops down through gaps… Sounds easy right? The only difficulty is that you have to spin the panels to allow the ball to drop. BUT there are little parts of each floor that if the ball touches it ends the game. Which can be annoying when you get to 95% through the level and it catches that little section.

I have played this game the least as I found that I was spending a frustrating amount of time trying to get through a level and would find that I would not stop until that level was completed as then it was as if I had accomplished something that day. Which is something I guess the game was trying to make you do?

The game is fun but can be a little annoying when you make one little mistake at the end of the level when concentrating for so long.

Ball’s Journey

Hit the ball 1000m. That is the first challenge in the game. Easy you think. You have a little bar and you just have to get it in the green zone and bang! 1000m done! Nope! Not at all. First, off they have obstacles in the shapes of houses, trees and mountains that can stop the ball in its track, or help it bounce a little further, or in my case make the ball bounce all the way to the start. With the distance you get, you obtain coins and you use these coins to power up and increase strength, bounciness and airspeed.

The incentive is obviously to keep playing as you get a little closer. The other add on the game has is that each 1000m you pass you get a new character to swing the bat and a new ball to hit with. My current favourite is Kim Jong Un and his missile launcher.. Very on the nose this game…

maxresdefault (1)
In case you thought I was fibbing…

I actually play this game a fair bit more than I should as changing the trajectory can assist in getting the better bounce to make the object travel further. Not a bad wee game!

Snake VS Block

You have a “snake” that is made up of a certain amount of balls and you have to break through blocks that have a number on them. The trick is to make sure that the number is lower than what your snake is. Inbetween the blocks are more balls to collect so you can increase the size of your snake. Nice and easy concept!

I really enjoy this game as you never know what numbers are coming up next and you just have to hope that you have your snake pointed at the right one as the maze it travels in from what I can see constantly changes with no pattern. I have done okay at the game (gotten above 300 points) but the fun for me is in the challenge portion of the game where you have time trials etc. Very well thought out and varied challenges that will keep you going for a good while!

Bounzy Ball

Finally, we come to Bounzy Ball which involves aiming your balls at boxes to destroy them. The boxes are numbered so each time they are hit the number reduces. But you only get a few balls at the start, so you have to build up for a while before you start to see the points go up to a good number.

The trick I found with this game is to have the balls hit off the walls multiple times before it makes it up to the boxes as then it should cause a bit more destruction and more points for you a little bit quicker.

I got truly addicted to this game at one point. I played a little bit every day as happily, you can pause the game when you need to. Slowly built up my points until I got to the grand total of 10,867,649. I think it took me a month to get that far, but sadly I had used all of my extra lives (that you can collect to save your skin in desperate times). I haven’t played it too much since that ad day, but I might again as it was super easy and the fact you can just stop was a big bonus to me.

Well that’s it for today! Lot’s of silly addictive mobile games are out there and I haven’t been asked to promote these ones. I literally just played them because Instagram challenged me! What stupidly addictive games do you play? Let me know in the comments!

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