Planning a trip to New York and Toronto: Part Two – Toronto

Alright? Last week (or so) I chatted about the trip Victoria and I are going to take in March to New York and Toronto. That time I focussed on just the New York hotel and flights, so it is only fair that this time I talk about the Toronto leg of the holiday! Shall we?

Why Toronto?

Well, I like Canada and wanted to go even just for a day and seeing as it is so close to New York, it made the most sense to pop over. But, the main reason is that one of Victoria’s best friends lives in Thunder Bay which is close (in Canada terms) to Toronto, two birds, meet this one lovely stone. It would have been a bit silly for us not to go and visit her as these two have been wanting to meet up for the longest time. Let’s make that happen!

Originally we were going to only stay for a long weekend in Toronto, but it seemed better to let the two besties hang out and get as much time together as possible. I am very much excited for them to get to hang out so extending the Toronto portion to 5 nights made the most sense to me.

For me, to visit Toronto is a bit of a dream as I said, I always wanted to go to Canada and although I would love to spend a month there and trek around and explore, for a first little taste I think this is okay! There will be so much to do just in Toronto that I am pretty sure that I can occupy myself (Victoria will be sorted with Whitney!)

How to get there from New York

We were umming and ahhing for a good while about how to get to Toronto, would we try and save money and get the bus? Would we get a train? Would we do either of those and stay at Niagara for a night and then move on to Toronto? We had lots of ideas and tried to figure out what was best for us… So let’s break it down!


We had thought about the bus, as said because it was far cheaper, but the disadvantage of that was that we would be on the bus for like 19 million hours (around 16) and truth be told for me personally that was cutting way too much time out of our trip. I love travelling on buses etc if there are stops for a while to explore the area, but when a bus is that long I can’t stop but think that I am missing out on something else.

When I was in Italy I stopped in a small town and would stay the night when there were long train journeys. It meant I had time to explore a place I wouldn’t have gone and enrich myself better. Whereas being on a direct train knowing we have limited time and knowing we could be spending it with people we know meant that the bus was thrown out the window…


Travelling up by train was another option but, again time was going to be against us and I heard that the border portion of the journey took an age as everyone needed to be checked. We would be saving around 4 hours from the journey time, but that was still a hell of a day travelling and then it meant, by the time we got in Toronto we had missed a large portion of the day. Again, not ideal when we only have two weeks. (Yes I know having two weeks in two cities is actually a lot, and people sometimes go for a week… But I am greedy!)


We finally checked the prices of flights from New York and found that it wasn’t too expensive and the fact that the journey was only 2 hours meant if you included waiting at the airport, the journey would be under 6 hours, which is half of the other options. It made a bit more sense to me to do this. Take the small hit for a better time. Let’s hope that the decision works out! The total cost of the flights was under £400 for the return, which I thought was pretty fair! That was with AirCanada btw in case you are wondering who we are hoping to go with.

Staying in Toronto

We didn’t spend too much time looking at hotels in Toronto as we found one pretty early on in the search. We might look later, but for now thanks to (not an ad, I just love them) we found a great place called Grand Hotel & Suites which is just down the street from the Harbour and is near some nice parks for our morning runs (yes I will be running about)

It has everything we could need and even has a swimming pool and gym so we can work off whatever treats we have when we are there! Have a look below to see some pictures! I feel fairly certain that we will stay there, so I am happy to have found it for a decent price. What are the costs Scott? £708 and that as with the New York choice was because I wanted to have the option of a free cancellation. We will be in a Deluxe King room, cos your boy likes to pretend he is flash.

We worked out that we would actually be staying in Toronto on St Patricks Day which is kind of fun so it will be good to see what fun and games they get up to up there during that day!

Finishing in New York

We will be returning to New York for the last two nights of our trip, but as of yet, we haven’t fully figured out where to stay. Do we stay in Manhatten again? Do we pop to Jersey? Do we go to Long Beach or do we stay near JFK? So many options, so many reasons for me to tell you in another post!

If you have any suggestions on where to stay those last couple of days and what to get up to in Toronto, please throw them my way either in the comments or down on my socials. Until next time and thanks for reading.

If you want to chat more about any of my posts, please follow me on TwitterInstagram and Facebook to also receive updates. Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

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