9 movies to look out for in October

October is here and that means we are through the blockbuster, comic book based films that has plagued us since April! Hurrah! Let’s see what films you should try to catch this month in the ole cinemas in the UK and Ireland shall we?

Venom – 3rd October

Oh… Well I guess the Blockbusters are a year round thing now. Not to go off track but be prepared by 2021 for a blockbuster film every month of the year. I think this year the only month a big film was not released in, was in January. So expect these ALL year round. Anyway to Venom!

Reporter Eddie Brock investigates a dubious company he linked with an alien substance that takes control of his body, will he use it for good or bad?

This has a bit of an unknown quantity to it as no one knows what to expect from it for a number of reasons:

Isn’t he a bad guy? To the non-comic book reader the only time Venom has been present to us is in Spiderman 3 and he was present as a villain at the time. So with trailers presenting him as a bit of an antihero it may confuse audiences.

Not for kids – It is rated 15 here in the UK so that could potentially hurt its box office and limit how well it does in the cinema. But it leads to a couple of questions, is this going to be a hard 15 or a soft one. I feel if the film has been given a 15 rating then they should push it has close to an 18 as possible.

Tom Hardy – he is loved by almost everyone but apart from Mad max Fury Road, he hasn’t really lit up the box office much when he has been the film lead.

Comic Book Fatigue – Having so many comic book films out in a year is going to cause a fatigue at some point and there is the very real possibility that this could be the film to take the hit. With Marvel planning at least 3 films a year and then Warner Bros/DC doing whatever the hell they are doing with their films there is the potential of maybe 6 big comic book films coming out in a year, that is a lot.

There are reasons to look forward to this however, it looks like there is some dark comedy in there and there is that interest on just what the hell are they going to do with the character by the third act. I am interested to see where the films takes us.

A Star is Born – 3rd October

Seasoned musician Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) discovers and falls in love with a struggling artist Ally (Lady Gaga) and tries to make her believe that she can be the star she really is.

The first big contender for the awards season arrives and wouldn’t you know it completely counter programmed against Venom for the audience. Very clever from both studios to make sure neither film cannibalises each other too much.

As I said this film will be up for a lot of awards (A post coming on Wednesday about that) and from the positive buzz has been throughout the festival run there is the real chance that we have an Oscar contender that could deliver at the box office. I know it is estimated to perform well in its opening weekend in the United States.

Bradley Cooper Co-stars and Directs the third remake of this film, but we are all pretty sure that the star of this one is going to be Lady Gaga, the title may actually be apt in regards to her acting career.

Johnny English Strikes again – 5th October

I will be honest, I had completely forgotten that this was coming out or that there was even a sequel to Johnny English. On this third outing Johnny is brought back to find out who hacked the MI5 and revealed all of the active undercover agents names in Britain. Sadly this film has some very stiff competition this week and for the month so it will be a tough one for it. Though the fact that it is more likely to be for families means that it may perform well over the weekend as Venom and A Star Is Born will not veer towards that market. This should be a bit of harmless fun the all concerned, much like the first film which was released 15 years ago… Wait… That long ago?!

Bad Times at the El Royale – 12th October


Its post summer and you want something to watch that is a little different from what you have been served over the past few months, something that doesn’t have a tonne of special effects and has a few twists and turns then ladies and gents I present to you Bad Times at the El Royale. A thriller about seven strangers meeting at a motel on a dark and gloomy night. There is a great ensemble with this one, though I will say if you are interested in this one, just check out the poster and stay clear of the trailer (that’s why I haven’t attached it) as I feel it gives a bit too much away, but knowing Drew Goddard, that could all be a bluff, but let’s be safe!

First Man – 12th October

As if one Oscar contender wasn’t enough, now we get two in October, oh how we are being spoilt! This adaptation of the Moon Landing focuses more on Neil Armstrong’s (Ryan Gosling) life leading up to the Apollo launch. Not to be the cynical guy, but this very much looks like it is Gosling’s attempt for the Best Actor Oscar, whether he knocks it out of orbit (get it? Cos ya know space) is a tough one to judge. They up against a lot of movies that could wreck their box office though. I know I would want to see this and Bad Times at the El Royale, but if I was on a budget I am not sure which I would pick.

Goosebumps 2 – 19th October

This sequel takes place in RL Stine’s home town a few years after he left, but a new family to the home find his book and you can guess what happens next! I worry for this one a little bit as it has lost a number of key aspects from the first movie which was surprisingly fun. Losing Jack Black (for him to then star in a similar movie in A House with A Clock in its Walls) to only a cameo or reduced role would in theory hurt the film but if the new cast can create that level of fun that caught everyone’s attention the first time then the kids will be happy! There should always be a children friendly horror film as it is the best way to get the younger generations into the genre and I love the horror genre!

Halloween – 18th October

For the adults of us, this Halloween we have… Halloween! Set after the original (so for the sake of things ignore all of the other 9 films) We see Michael Myers return to finish off the job he started over 40 years ago.

I am both happy and sad that we are ignoring the other films from the franchise as some were terrible (I see you experimental Halloween III) but I thought despite it being very much a rush job Halloween II was actually good and moved the story along in the right way. But when you start adding in nieces for Michael to chase for a couple of films, you are struggling.

The trailer looks good, but I wouldn’t watch many horror trailers as they do tend to give away deaths or good scares. My hopes are that as long as these are better than the Rob Zombie films then we are doing well (PS I actually really liked Scout Taylor-Compton in those films). Fingers crossed on this one!

Bohemian Rhapsody – 24th October

Taking place leading up to the Live Aid performance we should be in for a good show with this one. Rami Malek looks the part and that is the first major hurdle to jump with this. It is a touchy subject to act as someone who was as beloved as Freddie Mercury so the fact that this film has been in development for over 7 years should tell you all you need to know. Couple that with the Bryan Singer distractions, this production has had it’s troubles. But we are out of the tunnel now and it is ready to go. This should be very good and again could be up for a number of awards. Whether it has the legs for that I am not sure, it will depend on the finished product!

 Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far On Foot – 26th October

Probably the smallest in production and audience knowledge is my last pick today. If you watched the trailer you might find that this looks very silly and maybe it is worthwhile to leave it. But I am here to say wait and to give it a chance. Why? Here’s why!

It is based on the memoirs of John Callahan who became a paralysed alcoholic who is persuaded to get his life together and finds a passion for drawing off colour newspaper cartoons. That sounds pretty crazy to me!

The cast is a very strong one with Joaquin Phoenix starring as Callahan with Jonah Hill, Rooney Mara and Jack Black.

The reviews have been on the good side FOR the fact that it doesn’t go along the cliché inspirational biopic route. From what I gather this film has nothing but goodness in it’s heart and I look forward to it!

Well that is all for Octobers previews! I am sure I missed a few films such as Smallfoot and the mental looking Mandy, but I don’t want to bore you for too long! Until next time!

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