Looking back at films I was dreading in early 2018

A while ago I made a list of films that I am dreading that are being released over February to May, catch up here! Today I want to look back at these films and see how they did at the box office and with audiences. Please remember this is all a bit of fun and no harm is intended… Hopefully you find this a bit more entertaining than the films on this list.

Fifty Shades Freed

Hahahahaha, I don’t like saying I told you so, but dear God what nonsense were we presented with on this one?! I only ever saw clips and even that was enough of a struggle for me to cope with. If you were one of the few people (and believe me from that box office downturn from the first film it lost a lot of you. It surprisingly held up at around par against the second) then I feel sorry for you, but I hope you got something from it.

Father Figures

I heard no buzz or anything about this film during its release so I can only assume it performed poorly *checks box office* Oh shit! It only made £269,000 in the UK and £19 million worldwide. I like that people and cinemas it seems feel for this one.

Gods not dead a light in darkness

This didn’t even get a UK release and only made £4 million in the US. I feel this is more to do with the actual film itself than the genre of Christian movies as they are making steady money, I just don’t think a franchise was possible for this one.

Ready player one

This is one of the films that I wanted to do well, but I had the feeling that is was just too busy for it’s own good. A trimmed down version of this film I think would have gone great, or as a television series, but I doubt many of the studios would have allowed their products mentioned on a rival television studios.

The film happily performed well and a sequel is getting ready in the future which is all positive. The reviews were kind as well, hopefully in the second film they can sort some of the issues they had and they should be able to top this.

Red sparrow

*sigh* I really don’t know what to think about this. I really wanted it to do well, but deep down I knew it wouldn’t. I almost think Scarlet Johansson is pissed off a bit as the whole story would have been great for her Black Widow film (which we may get a version of this but Disneyed). The reviews were not kind though it surprisingly sits at 47% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is good as I had thought from the reviews that I had seen that it would be way lower. The audience score is dead on 50% which kind of tells the tale of this one.

As I said in my post, I had thought that if there was a good script then the film could be great. You can’t pin the blame on the cast as it is too good a cast to perform poorly. But a cast can only do so much with a bad script which is surprising seeing as it is an adaptation. It is a shame, but not unexpected.

Death wish

This film may just about make it’s money back and those costs weren’t much folks. It appears the trailer killed this film as they usually do for a film that isn’t great. I think have witty one liners from Willis isn’t the greatest of ideas when he is avenging his family. A total misfire and well worth being on here.

Truth or dare

Terrible film, but a success at the box office, that should be the Blumhouse tagline nowadays. They make their films dirt cheap and limit the amount of marketing so they can make a huge profit in the long term. People love horror films and they always will, so if you release one wide enough, people will go and watch it. You get them for that one week as by the second week word of mouth will have spread. Though they only lost 57% of the audience from the first week. But it bottomed out heavily after the 3rd weekend. These jump scare specials are usual and they hopefully start some careers in the movie industry. Nothing else worth to see here.



Oh boy I don’t know where to start with this one. Was the film bad? Not really, it just wasn’t a Star Wars film or a Han Solo film. One of the bright parts was in fact Han Solo so well done Alden Ehrenreich the stories about him were completely unfounded and I am glad that was the case! But yeah, if this had just been a science fiction heist film then it would have been great, to tag on all this past history etc hurt the film. Like I said the film was not bad, but whether audiences weren’t too interested because Harrison Ford wasn’t in it, or a big enough name was the young Han Solo I don’t know. There is even cause to think that Star Wars fans stayed away in protest of the new trilogy and their ongoing little feud with the heads of Lucas Film. I swear though, if this hurts my Obi Wan Kenobi film chances I will be angry, Ewan McGregor could practically plan that character until he is 80 in this new world. Make it happen.




Well that’s it for this one. I am glad a lot of my dreaded thoughts came true and quite sad that a few of the films performed poorly or were simply not as great as it could have been. Until next time.

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