The story of my first date with my girlfriend

I can be a bit of a soppy bugger when I want to be and today I want to be a bit soppy so apologies beforehand. I am going to share a little story about the first date I had with Victoria (Retrosnowflake) because she is important to me and also I want brownie points for a week. (Kidding… Kinda… Ahem, Shall we?)

So we had a friend in common and would bump into each other at the gym and when walking past one another and having general small talk as she lived around the corner form me (convenient). This all progressed to messaging each other and her being super flirty and me not flirty at all (she will say it is the other way around, but who are you going to believe? The lovely girl or the nice guy who is blogging about his first date that you are currently reading?).

Eventually, we decided to meet up and have pizza, though for some reason neither of us called it a date even though it was blatantly a date. We are weird little souls… We then decided that before we go for food, that we should meet up and walk from the city centre back to our homes as Victoria wanted to pop home and freshen up from work and it was felt that it would give us a little time to chat to each other and get to know one another. This is where I first learned how much Victoria loves to walk in to and from work! It is around a 4 mile round trip for her, so she loves those steps. Already one tick in the positive book for me.















As we walk the 2 miles back to our homes we are awkward (naturally) for the first little while and then we start asking each other about TV shows and I learn about how much she loves (I mean really loves Friends) I mention how I enjoy American TV a lot more, especially the comedies. Bringing up Parks and Rec, Community and The Office as my go to shows (basically just at the time NBC shows). Victoria immediately gets a little excited and talks about how she loves those shows too and we both smile away and I plot a marathon day of TV binging of those shows. On and on we talk figuring out we have more in common than I originally thought (Loving Conan and Craig Ferguson for example).

Then as we get near our homes I see a man parked on the pavement get into his car from the Chinese takeaway. I know the car as it is one of the takeaway drivers. He starts his car and everything is normal, but then a little girl, no older than 3 runs out from the side street and is now directly behind the car and there is absolutely no way that he can see her as she is shorter than the boot of his car. He begins to reverse and I see this all as if it is in slow motion from a good 20 metres or so away. I wave to try and get his attention but it is too late, he has reversed over the little girl!

I immediately run over to try and help out, fearing the worst, but luckily she didn’t get hit by the tyres and is conscious as she is crying. Her Grandmother comes running over crying and I get down on the ground and pull the little girl out from under the car. She is crying and a passing cyclist is helping me check for any injuries. The driver is understandably in shock as he repeats that he didn’t see her. I believe him, he just couldn’t have, but the issue was with where he was parked, which was right outside the takeaway, so although he has done it thousands of times he is still reversing out blind as the building is stopping him from visibly seeing any people or cars leaving the street and another car is partially obstructing his view of the main road.

After I know the little girl is okay I wipe down my chinos and walk on with Victoria. She states that I was very good for helping as I did as she didn’t know what she would have done. Now when I think back on it I can see that is the moment she fell in love with me because I was a hero, some would say the greatest hero of all time, but that is a bit much, so hero will do. Anyway! I am pretty sure she would have helped out if there were fewer people around. I know that for certain now seeing as I have been with her for over a year and a half. I say it was nothing and just instincts and we walk on and then back up the road for dinner.

We go to Pizza Express and I am pretty sure it was my first time there (now first of many) and I find out more about her such as the food she can’t have (vegan by choice, gluten, soy, potato and carrot intolerant not so much by choice) I find it interesting so I talk about what that was like and the chats continue. BTW I was a tad nervous in dropping my pizza down myself (not that I do that, but knowing me it would happen this one time) so I eat rather slowly. We have a few awkward silences, but we just keep chatting and it goes really well!

We walk home (we love a good walk it seems) and then on the way there Victoria asks me if I want to go to her house… To fix her shower curtain. I agree because I am nice and a hero to children struck by reversing cars, but also I am curious to see what her house is like. So when we chat for a bit on her sofa we go up to the bathroom and I set about fixing her shower curtain. I ask her if she can help with the inside part of the curtain as it was being a little loose and falling down all the time. We sort it out fairly quickly and I offer to help her out of the tub and suddenly she wraps herself around me and then kisses me. Now before your aww’s if you find that she challenges this true version of this story then do not listen to her and remember I have spoken for 1,000 words about how much I loved our first date and she hasn’t. So if she says that I kissed her first, do not believe that horrible, horrible lie.

After the kiss, I could finally admit that yes we were on a date and yes it had gone very, very well! So, with that said I think we should wrap up there! If you like these little stories about my life, then let me know and I will keep them coming! Until next time!

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