5 presents to get the runner in your life

It’s Christmas!!! I think, well it’s the 5th of December, so close enough… Wait the 5th!?! I need to get buying presents! Anyway, if you have a runner in your life (that can be a blessing in disguise… your partner disappears for hours at a time in the morning or evening to leave you in peace to do what you want) then you will know that you have a great option on things to get them for this festive season. You need some little stocking fillers or just a few small presents to help fill out the things you have already planned. I hear you ask ‘but Scott what exactly can I get this weirdo who runs in all times of the day and conditions?’ and I say ‘I got you covered, to which you reply ‘this bit is going on a bit long wrap it up so we can see the list’ and I say ‘okay, let’s get started’.

Here are a few things I have seen that I think would keep any runner happy this Christmas! I have purposely tried to keep things affordable as I quite dislike seeing a list of items for people to buy that are just not affordable for the average person. I hope this list is useful! Enjoy!

Running socks

As a runner I will tell you that nothing will make our hearts sore more in this world as the moment we get fresh running socks. It is the simple things in life really. So have a nosey at the running socks that the runner in your life already has, and order some nice new ones. They will probably be worn that day as I know a lot of runners who run on Christmas day, so you know they will be used right away! Sadly a pair of decent running socks don’t come too cheap (usually start at £10). Personally, I have always used the More Mile range as they have never left me in any discomfort. I would suggest if they have a brand or type they like, to stick to it though.

Elastic laces

I never really thought of elastic laces until I purchased my Pegasus 35 Shield shoes recently. They came with the elastic lacing and honestly? I love them. You can tighten it quickly to whichever level you want and that is you sorted for the rest of your run. At the end of your run, all you have to do is press the little button to loosen them again and repeat. The runner in your life will like this for one reason and one reason only… Never needing to tie their shoes during a run or race again! This is especially important in these winter months, who wants to take off their gloves to tie their shoes during the run? No one.  Some of the laces come with a reflective coating to help make the runner more visible in the dark mornings or evenings. You can get these for between £7 – £12 which isn’t bad for the amount of use they will provide.

Running calendar

Let’s get a tiny bit silly with this one. I found this online one day and Victoria pointed it out to me on a different day. I always just made a list of my upcoming races, but as 2019 is hopefully going to be the year I get back on track to get close to my personal bests, I feel a calendar where you can include all your runs and races is handy. As much as I like seeing it on my Nike Run app (other apps are available). I do enjoy seeing a physical calendar of what I have done or plan to do and I am sure your runner will be the same!

Bib Magnets

The annoyance of putting a pin into your nice new running short, jersey or shorts to show your race number is high for me. I hate doing it as I like my shirts with no holes in them… If your runner would like to keep their running clothing pierced free then say hello to magnets that keep the number attached throughout the race! A handy bit of kit that is actually very affordable I hope to get some this year *coughs loudly* Plus if the person you are buying for already has some, get more or different coloured ones so that they can theme it with their gear that day. Running fashionably into 2019. The majority of these are under £10 which is great and I think you can even get personalised ones as well!

LED / reflective armbands

We all want to be seen when out in the dark and as good as some reflective gear is, nothing quite beats a light and as I usually run in the dark with my headlamp and my running pack with some nice lights attached to it, I always feel relatively safe. But I do run on a towpath beside a motorway, so the most dangerous thing for me is a cyclist who doesn’t see me. I stumbled across some LED armbands that seemed quite handy too and I have considered getting them. Not only will they be useful for your runner, but also if they are out on a walk or cycle. The more visibility the better I say and hey, worst case they can bring them in and party it up on a night out with some funky lights! Win, win my friends! Again another bargain as these can come from £5 and up, nice and affordable!

That’s it for this week, come back next time for another few gifts to get the runner in your life. If you have any suggestions let me know, or if you are getting someone something running related that is affordable, let me know! Until next time!

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