Films to look out for in 2019

2018 is barely out of the way and we already have our heads turned to the plethora of films coming out in 2019. Last year (weird to say that even though it was a few days ago) had many great films and some that I won’t forget for a very long time and this year looks like it will continue that trend! So let’s just dive into it and see what is upcoming in 2019, shall we? Please note that these are the films I am looking forward to and I have added a little list of films that I am not looking forward to at the bottom, apologies if those choices upset you!

The Favourite – January

Ever since that first trailer was released I have been buzzing for this film. It has just the right amount of quirk and uniqueness to pull off whatever it wants. I spoke before in the Golden Globes nomination post that I couldn’t pick a winner for Best Supporting Actress because of this film. It looks like it will be excellent so hopefully by the time you see this post I will have seen it! Fingers crossed!

Glass – January

I sometimes feel like an M. Night Shyamalan apologist. I am one of the few who enjoyed ‘The Village’… I enjoyed ‘The Happening’ for all the wrong reasons, but Split was a welcome return to form and with ‘Glass’ I am very interested as to where this goes. I think the trailer gives a bit too much away as there are hints of how the story will go, but, that’s how trailers are nowadays. If you enjoyed ‘Split’ then you should be excited for ‘Glass’, plus it is coming out in the now prime slot of January! I would suggest watching ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Spilt’ beforehand though!

Mary Queen of Scots – January

I won’t lie to you, I am intrigued as to how this movie will play. History or at least the history I have come to know has Mary portrayed as a very unsympathetic person and Elizabeth to be firm but fair. So to see a version of the story that has Mary as the person we should sympathise with is a tad strange. Also, some facts have to be disregarded for the film to work (Mary and Elizabeth were teenagers when Elizabeth ascended the throne for example) But, with a slew of awards, I as mentioned remain intrigued.

Happy Death Day 2U – February

I was pleasantly surprised by ‘Happy Death Day’, it was smart and had effective death scenes. It used the premise very well, but having said that I was disappointed that there would be a sequel. I thought it didn’t require it. Then I saw the trailer and it brought my enthusiasm straight back up and as I am a lover of horror movies. I knew I would watch it when it comes out (luckily for me I don’t have long to wait!)

Us – March

Jordan Peele probably shocked a lot of people with ‘Get Out’. I know he surprised me, it was such a well made and important film. To now see that he has doubled down and gone for another horror film is a little surprising as I thought he would have just used the genre as a Launchpad into filmmaking (Something horror fans know all too well). ‘Us’ brings us another interesting tale and with the goodwill built up from ‘Get Out’ I know I will be there to watch the film.


John Wick: 3 Parabellum – May

If you do not like the John Wick franchise then we need to have a discussion, this is the popcorn movie we need in 2019. Just action scenes and some smiles, I mean this is a franchise that’s story began because someone killed a retired hitman’s dog, there isn’t many films that can offer you something as silly as that.

Dumbo – March

Tim Burton looks to have gone the right way with a Disney Adaption. Giving it a bit of respect that it deserves and Disney just doesn’t let its premiere possessions get remade on the off chance it is good. The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast had to be good and from the trailer alone I feel we are in safe hands with this one.

Vice – February

As an ignorant non-American, I have very little knowledge of what Dick Cheney got up to before, during and after he was in office as Vice President, so I have had to do a little research when I heard about this film and I immediately started looking forward to it. I don’t expect it to be an in-depth breakdown of what he got up to, but I know it will be entertaining. With a great cast, I wouldn’t expect anything else.

Burning – February

Released probably in the wrong year as it is up against two of my favourite films last year in Roma and Shoplifters, Burning would have been a sure-fire winner for Best Foreign Langauge Film any other year. But 2019 is stacked, If you get the chance to watch it, please do so, it is a great watch.

If Beale Street Could Talk – February

I think this was released in American an absolute age ago, but we unlucky souls in UK and Ireland will only get to see If Beale Street Could Talk in February. I thought Moonlight was terrific and from reports, If Beale Street Could Talk is going to be just as good from Jenkins. I just hope the buzz hasn’t built it up too much for me!

The Sisters Brothers – April

What!? Scott, have you lost it? No, I haven’t! I like a comedy every now and then and I thought this looked quite good. I enjoy the cast and Joaquin Phoenix and Jake Gyllenhaal need to be in more comedies in my opinion. Consider. Me. There.

Godzilla: The King of Monsters – May

If there is a Kaiju film I am going to be there. I watched these as a kid on Channel 4 at 10am or something and I have always been in love with them. You are reading the words of a person who purposely made a Kaiju pun when making food combo marketing material for the cinema he worked in

Pokemon Detective Pikachu – May




Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – July

I do enjoy a good Quentin Tarantino film and despite the recent(ish) allegations against him I hope that this movie is great as the story is interesting and almost Pulp Fiction-esque with how it will weave through various mini-stories. The cast as always is great, I just hope he has someone there to edit him the way Sally Menke did. She was able to stop his films from going too long and unwieldy as his last couple have since her passing.

Joker – October

I am so God Dam intrigued by this film. I mean it shouldn’t exist in any way, right? It is so weird that it does and will exist and that Todd Phillips of all people is directing it. Phoniex is a great casting choice, but like the Joker, all of this seems a bit odd. I am compelled to read or watch anything that crops up about the production so I will be there on opening day to see how it has all come together!

Notable films I am not looking forward to at all.

Star Wars: Episode IX

I have zero interest in watching this film and as a matter of fact, did not watch Episode VIII, so I can’t join the discussion on whether that was a bad film or not. With Episode VII I saw it as a complete rehash of Episode IV that I just couldn’t be bothered with this current franchise. Maybe I will return to them and have a different opinion, but for now, I can’t say I am looking forward to seeing any Star Wars film (Unless that Obi-Wan film comes about).

Toy Story 4

Harsh? Maybe, I enjoyed Toy Story when I was younger and when I watched it last year with Victoria. But I am not in love with the franchise as perhaps some others are. So sadly, I am not filled with enthusiasm with the fourth instalment coming out in the summer. Again, this is a very personal list of so I may be one of the few who will not have this one on their list. Plus that teaser trailer sucked.


Remember what I said about safe hands on Disney properties? Well, I am not sure what happened here. This has had difficulty after difficulty and despite the backlash on the races of its stars, the main issue is the person in the director’s seat. Guy Ritchie just does not make good films anymore (if he ever did, I am beginning to think Snatch was less him and just everyone else). The trailer and set images have left me with very little oomph that I was hoping it would. We will see, I hope to be wrong.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

I am surprised this is even getting released considering how Kevin Feige likes to keep a firm grip on the Marvel projects. This could just be a last goodbye from the X-Men as we have known them and then we will see them in 5 or so years in the “proper” Marvel film Universe. Though I would like them to take some of the current roster over, even if that is a bit difficult at this time storywise… I mean, who doesn’t prefer Evan Peters Quicksilver to Aaron Taylor-Johnsons? If this is good I will be surprised, though it just has to be better than Apocalypse.

Men In Black International

Not needed in any way. The only thing I liked about Men in Black was the theme tune. No thanks.


A remake of an American remake of a Japanese film that already has 13 feature films to its name is a surprising choice, but then again we saw the reimagining of The Ring, that fell fully on its arse.  I can’t see this being good in any way. Start preparing to do that guttural noise again to creep out your friends and family.

IT: Chapter 2

I liked IT: Chapter 1 (I guess that is what it is called now) enough, but while it did very well at the box office and the child actors were very good. I just couldn’t love the film. I think it is because it was all so predictable, I knew where the scares were going to come from and for a 15 rated film (in the UK) it didn’t really push close to that limit. With the complex nature of the adults now entering the frame, I can feel the same thing happening again sadly. I hope I am wrong with it, however.

Phew! Thanks for battling through with me until the end there! Well done! Grab yourself a treat, you have earned it! I know there are many, many films coming out next year that I have missed, but these are literally the ones that I can remember from the top of my head. Look out in a day or two for the 14 films I am looking forward to in January. I hope to get a monthly outlook ready for you for the rest of the year! Until next time!

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