January 2019 goals

We are almost into the lovely world of 2019 where things will be a lot better than 2018… Right? 2018 was a very mixed bag for me. Weight loss and fitness wise a disaster, but everything else was pretty much spot on! I thought why not start up a little monthly catch up about what I want to achieve this month, some I will be going into more detail in posts throughout the week, so expect just the highlights today!


Victoria has challenged me to try being vegan for a whole month, some aspects to it, I think will be super easy, some not so much! Funnily it won’t be missing eating meat that concerns me! I do wonder if I can get through the month without any slip-ups. I guess time will tell!

Running every day

I will be participating in RED January this year and that means (for me) running every day! I want to get back into the swing with my running as it clears my head from any negative thoughts and I always feel great after I run, so it makes sense to link it with RED January who are an initiative who focus on exercising in January to help you mentally for the year ahead! Lots of variations of running for me and fingers crossed, a few cheeky races!

Beating all of my 2018 weightlifting records

2018 wasn’t the greatest year for me physically, so I am wanting to beat all of the weights lifts, pushes or pulls that I did in 2018. I want to get off to a good start and I was really starting to get into weightlifting before I regained the weight a year or two ago. So what better way to feel positive about the year than to beat your previous year’s efforts in the first month!? I will be hitting the gym before this years end to write down what I have to do! Should be a fairly simple task this one… Hopefully!

Finishing the book Victoria got me for Christmas Eve

Victoria and I are wanting to do a few different Christmas traditions this year that people from other nations take part in. One of these is to buy and read a book on Christmas Eve that you were given. I think it is a nice way just to chill the day before Christmas and I am excited to find out which book she has gotten me. With that said, I want to finish reading the book in the month of January. But, if I have read the book before December finishes, I will request another book and start and finish it then. Only fair right?

Lose at least 1 stone (14lbs)

I have been doing steady work in the last month with my weight loss. Making sure I keep on top of it and keep losing weight until I am back down to a somewhat healthy weight is my main 2019 goal. I know 1 stone is a lot to try and lose, but I know I won’t make it this weight target every month as it will become harder and harder to lose the fat as there will be less of it. I want to look good for our first holiday in March and I am keeping that as my motivation to keep going. I think I can do it and a bit more, but making big targets is never a good idea as it could spiral down quickly if progress isn’t made at the start!

Pack a lunch for every work day

I didn’t get this done at all this year, I mean I did for a few days, and then I would find an excuse not to do it. But with my challenge and some nice new boxes to keep me going I am confident that I can get going for January, Make a couple of lunches at a time and just remember to bring them in! Can’t be that hard right? Though, I honestly forgot my lunch 5 times when I made it and had it for dinner instead. Time to turn the tide lads!

Sort Visas for USA/Canada holiday

There are just a few little things to sort other than packing for the holiday and one of those is making sure our Visa’s are all sorted as I do not want to be hurrying about in February worrying about it. Get it sorted in January and then I just have to remember to bring them with us. As we are also visiting Canada on the trip we have to make sure all the crossing of borders business is sorted and that we are well versed on what to do etc. Sorting that out will probably make it all seem very real though! Exciting!

Final touches to the living room once sofa arrives

With the furniture already here all I need is one big item and that’s the sofa. It was on a 12 or so week wait to be made so it will be the last thing to come. We will be getting the living room sorted with everything we need, such as little items for the bookshelf etc. All in preparation for that one last item and the room one of 8 is completed and the house can finally look like a home! Patience has been great with this endeavour!

Well, that is all I can think of for my little aims for the month, if there are any others, then they weren’t too important to add in, so they can just count as mini tasks! Have you any aims for the first month of 2019? Let me know!

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