My Fitness Goals 2019

Last year was basically a nothing year regarding my weight loss as I only got truly serious and saw progress in December, so a bit late, but I have to consider the positives with that and see it as me starting 2019 a little earlier. I didn’t get where I wanted to and that is entirely my own fault, but I have a few things planned in January to help me get to my targets and I have holidays and weddings to go to. Naturally, I want to get into good shape! With that said here are my fitness goals for 2019.


I want to get back to my previous times when I was running and that means breaking what I was able to do before. I am going to set myself specific running pace goals each month, but by years end I want to achieve the following!

1 mile – 6:59 – I want to get into just running full tilt and with a training plan already just underway I know there will be speed work involved. I won’t bother too much about under 1 mile as I do not have a track near me, though I might try 400m etc. in the warmer months!

5 km – 23:59 – It won’t be my personal best, but if I can get back into 2016 running shape or as close to it as possible by year’s end, then this time is a must.

10km – 49:59 – The first challenge will be to get back under 1 hour again, but after that, I am gunning for that sub 50 minute. That time used to be my usual run at night so it would be lovely to see the 40’s again

10 mile – 1:29:59 – I think this is achievable and I want to at least give myself a reasonable chance of making my targets this year, so back to a sub 90 minute 10 miler please and thank you.

Half Marathon – 1:59:59 – I think I will be running a lot more half marathons this year as I enjoy that distance a lot more than a marathon, so if I can, a sub 2 hour should be on my horizon!

Marathon – 3:59:59 – The big one for me. I want to get into the 3 hours again. I would love to get faster than this, but I have to be realistic. This I feel is realistic, with a few marathons planned in 2019 I should get close, if I am within 10 minutes I will still be chuffed!

Ultra Marathon – Just getting past a marathon distance will be considered a win this year. Baby steps!


This is more cardio related as I will break down some things in the next section. This one will be shorter, so that should be okay for you!

Rowing machine – 42195m – I see this on the concept 2 all the time and by God, I want to get that number down to 0 in one visit. I have done 20k before. I will train for this and get as close as I can to this number.

Stepper – 300 floors – My record is 200 floors, in 2018 I was only able to do 100 a couple of times. Might as well go for the triple hundred!


I have a few exercises I want to get right and improve in 2019, which to be fair seeing as I did next to no weight training in 2018 won’t be too hard! I have never been too great at weightlifting, but I want to improve to help reduce fat and gain strength. Here is a short breakdown!

Deadlift – 150kg (330lbs)

Chest Press – 100kg (220lbs)

Incline Chest Press – 120kg (265lbs)

Thruster – 80kg (176lbs)

Front Squat – 100kg (220lbs)

Back Squat – 150kg (330lbs)

Leg Press – 300kg (660lbs)


I aimed for 8 million steps last year… God knows why as I got just under 5 million. So this year I am aiming for 6.5 million steps. A happy go between I think, if not still quite a hard challenge! Hopefully running more and going on holiday to New York where we plan to walk around and explore a lot should help me get there!

I loved it when I was getting into some light weights and just bodyweight workouts in 2017 and I want to return to that in 2019. I know I will be terrible for a fair while, but I will keep working at it and hopefully, then I can get back to the workouts that I was doing before as they would knacker me out be to give me no time to rest. I quite like those. Anyway, I think I am waffling a little bit now so I will finish up there!

Have you any fitness goals for 2019 Let me know below!

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