Veganuary week 1

I am almost one week into Veganuary and I have to say things are going pretty well! If you want to have a read as to why I am participating in Veganuary then have a little read here. I thought it would be a good idea to provide a little bit of an update as to what I have gotten up to and what could be on the horizon for me throughout the rest of January!

Almost forgetting

During the weekend, Victoria and I were on a little day trip to a local town when I suggested that we both go for some lunch. We had been to that town before so we knew where we could go that could fit Victoria’s dietary requirements. But I was sure that we could go to other places, so as we were on our way there I did a little research and found a place that catered to her AND had sweet potato fries! Hurray!! Double win for us, as the other restaurant didn’t serve sweet potato fries. I then begin to contemplate my burger that I will be devouring and then Victoria asked me what I was going to have because of Veganuary… Then it hit me, I can’t just get my usual! I laughed it off at my own little bout of stupidity, but it did annoy me how quickly I had forgotten about it. Thankfully that was the only time that I forgot so far these 6 days, so that is good!

Trying big brand vegan food

There are some well-known vegan brands that Victoria cannot have due to her intolerance to soya, so I thought it would be a great idea for me to give them a go so she can at least know what they tasted like as I could relay the info to her in case she is able to consume soya again. I have a long term dislike to Quorn products as I just hate how the “chicken” tastes so bland and the mince almost made me sick once (I had cooked a big batch of Bolognese with it and my then Maltese housemate took the rest of that batch for herself). So, I have stayed well clear of Quorn for that reason and I will probably try a few of the other products to test how they taste.

But the other big brand is, of course, Linda McCartney’s range. So I was looking forward to trying a number of her products. My local ASDA has the pulled pork BBQ burger, spinach burger and sausages. I was amped. I was looking forward to a tasty burger for a couple of days and I had heard so much positive feedback from others about them. As I took my first bite, I wondered if I was a part of some bad prank. It was horrid and I had to drown that Pulled pork burger with BBQ sauce to find it. The next day I tried the other burger and I took one bite and left it. It looked great but tasted nasty to me. This then happened the next day with the sausages, just boring and poor tasting. I was very disappointed with this, but I guess I shouldn’t have had my hopes too high up for it.

Supermarket own brands are great

The one upside to all of this is that one night after yoga, Victoria and I went to the nearby Sainsbury’s and we went on a hunt for things that we could get as Sainsbury’s has been kind to Victoria before. We bought their own brand vegan sausages and I have to admit they were lovely. Far better than the Linda McCartney ones that I had tried, they almost looked like a sausage and just had great flavours that made me forget that I was eating a vegan sausage. We bought a couple of other things like Ginger cake and some other little treats for me as I feel like rewarding myself, my favourite two “snacks” are from ASDA with their coconut and jam flapjack and their rice caramel squares. Both are awesome and I think when I get the chance I will some of the ginger biccys too.

Looking for places to eat

I enjoy cooking vegan meals for Victoria (you can check out that little list of posts at the end of this one!) so I haven’t been concerned about cooking meals for us, though she did get a Deliciously Ella cookbook that we have started going through! The sweet potato and lentil stew was lovely! Anyway, the one thing I have been doing it trying to find places for Victoria to eat outside of the home. I want to find places in most towns that we can go to, so we aren’t always having to have a little worry about finding a place for Victoria (and for this month myself) to eat if we fancy going on a little night out. I have a big aim of finding over 100 places that are able to cater to us, but with Victoria’s intolerances that will be a little harder. In saying that, having a good list of places in certain towns should not be too hard. Worst case we can pop to most Indian restaurants to have a feed!

Well, that is all for this post! As I said I haven’t had any serious cravings to eat any animal products, but because I have been with Victoria for so long and have been cooking and eating vegan lunches and dinners I never really considered that to be an issue. Let’s see how week 2 treats me though! Until next time.

If you want to chat more about any of my posts, please follow me on TwitterInstagramand Facebook to also receive updates. Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

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