Golden Globes results breakdown

The Golden Globes came and the Golden Globes surprised as they are want to do. There is a lot to talk about results wise in the film categories. Sorry, I won’t write about the Television categories, I simply haven’t watched enough of the shows or in some cases heard of the shows to give a good enough opinion on the matter! With that said, let’s break it down a little right away!

Director of a Motion Picture – Alfonso Cuaron

In my breakdown of the nominations, I thought that Cuaron wasn’t going to win, but that I felt he should. So with that said, I now have to wonder about the implications of the Oscar nominations released this month. Will the Academy really want their very possible Best Picture nominee’s film solely in the Foreign Language category or will it double up to make sure. Netflix has some work to do to get it into both!

Drama Motion Picture – Bohemian Rhapsody

I thought it was really between Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star is Born, but the buzz that Lady Gaga has lost her appeal with some in Hollywood may have cost A Star is Born a little. I was positive it was a sure-fire winner (like many others). I have a lot of negative feelings on Bohemian Rhapsody due to how inaccurate it is (despite having two members of Queen down as producers). But it has performed well and if it provides a bit more attention to the band’s music, well then that can only be a good thing.

Actress in a musical or Comedy – Olivia Colman

It was expected and it was deserved. I don’t think there was much of a chance for anyone else in that category to beat her this year and means that she should be down as Favourite for the Oscars, but not everything is certain now because of the next winner…

Actress in a Drama Motion Picture – Glenn Close

I thought she should have won in my breakdown post and I am glad that she has. Though people need to stop calling what happened to Lady Gaga a snub, as it was far from it. She performed well in her role, but that role was practically made to show her strengths whereas the other nominees (from the films I have seen) performed far stronger. It is only classed as a snub because everyone thought the Hollywood Foreign Press Association were head over heels in love with Lady Gaga. Evidentially they are not.

Actor in a Musical or Comedy Film – Christian Bale

We all knew he would win really, along with Olivia Colman these were locks and again this puts Bale in a very strong position for next month, though…

Actor in a Drama Motion Picture – Rami Malek

If there was one bright spot in all of Bohemian Rhapsody was the performance of Rami Malek, he was very, very good and it will now be a very close call between him and Bale for who wins that Best Actor category, at the minute I am going with Malek as I think he has the momentum and I think the Oscars will want a feel-good moment with his win.

Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture – Regina King

I simply did not think that they would have gone for her and thus she was kind of ignored in my post. Though to be fair that was because of how much I enjoyed The Favourite, I knew her performance was great and I saw that a few others thought she would win. Again, her win opens everything up for the Oscars!

Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture – Mahershala Ali

This was a tough category to pick from and it wasn’t too much of a surprise to see Ali win, from all reports and reviews I have read, he was very good in Green Book. Another who has put themselves in a strong position for the rest of the awards season.

Original Score – First Man


Screenplay of a Motion Picture – Green Book

A great win for Green Book and one that makes you think that with a bit more momentum it could maybe push for a few more categories at the Oscars. If buzz continues to grow it could be in line for the same awards if not more. Also, isn’t it nice to see a Farrelly brother back in the limelight?

Animated Feature – Spiderman into the Spiderverse

Spiderman was different from other animated fairs we have seen this year and to see it’s technology be used instead of the usual Pixar/Disney tech is positive. Visually appealing this was a deserved win and seeing who directed the film, you have to wonder if Disney/Lucas Films are not regretting their decision after the performance of Solo.

Foreign Language Film – Roma

Last, but certainly not least we have Roma completing an expected double. Netflix will be very happy with how this has done, but will it make them want to release more films into the cinema? We all know this release was to make Roma eligible for awards, but it performed strongly despite it’s very, very limited release (I think it was released in under 200 screens). If Netflix eventually wants to win the big awards, I feel it may need to co-operate more and release certain films a little wider. This could actually cost Roma and Cuaron as The Academy may not want to give it awards due to how it was released, it truly is the litmus test for modern cinema.

Never forget.

That’s all for the breakdown on the films. Come back soon when the Oscar nominations are released and we can try and guess who will win what! Until next time.

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