Veganuary Week 3

Well, well, well. Here we are for the 3rd week of Veganuary and everything is good with the world! Well in my little house anyway! As I haven’t felt too many challenging scenarios since Veganaury started I thought that I would chat a little about the food I have been making for my dinners as generally I skip breakfast and have snacks like fruit and veg and maybe a wrap for lunch, so nothing exciting!


I first had the Goodfellas falafel pizza at the beginning of the month and I really enjoyed it, it wasn’t too heavy with toppings and ticked all the boxes I would ask for in a pizza, which to be fair is for it to taste nice. The same can’t quite be said for Iceland’s own vegan pizza as it did not have any cheese on it and I honestly feel sorry for anyone who has a pizza that does not have cheese on it. For me, it is one of the things I love the most about a pizza! It has to have good cheese, so experiencing a pizza without cheese was weird, as I am the type of person who does not like too much sauce (I don’t think I would cope well in Chicago). I guess they had more sauce on this pizza to help give it an extra oomph for the old taste buds. Sadly for me, I struggled a bit and at least now I know, that if I want a vegan pizza again at home, I can hit up that Goodfellas one!


Victoria loves a wee korma and apparently I make a nice one. I have only added chicken a few times to the kormas (pre-January) so having this as dinner wasn’t too much of a stretch for me. We recently purchased two-big pots so now I can make nice big batches that will last us a few nights. Victoria is very pleased with this fact. Though I always have to make sure to add a few extra things each time as it is not always guaranteed that the sauce will be the thin enough to our liking. If you are interested, I only add onion, broccoli, sweet potato, chickpeas, sugar snaps and sweetcorn to the dish. I am aware that, that isn’t probably what I should add to the meal, but I do and it tastes nice.

“Chicken bites” and sweet chilli with salad

One of my favourite meals that I have made since Veganuary has started has been cooking the vegan chicken style bites that I found in Asda and having it with a salad with sweet chilli dressing. It is such a simple meal but very lovely. I have been thinking if I needed to add some carbs to the meal that I could add some sweet potato or potato etc. I haven’t been interested as much in mixing it with rice or pasta. It feels light but still fills me. This is definitely a meal that I will return to in February, very quick to do and very simple. I had tried something similar with Quorn chicken back in the day and it was terrible, I really didn’t like it, but for some reason, I loved this one. Doesn’t hurt that it is a bit cheaper too!


Like the Korma I make big batches of the chilli pretty often. It is such a quick and easy meal to have, though I do like to add a million types of veggies to it to make it look colourful. I am a creature of habit when it comes to my veg intakes you see! For this month though I added a few sweetcorn and quinoa style balls in to help give it a little extra. I really enjoyed it and happily, it went down well with Victoria too. I only occasionally added beef with the meal when with Victoria, so again not having the meat added hasn’t been a major loss for me. Fun fact, the first meal Victoria cooked for me was her vegan chilli!


Linda McCartney’s burgers were an absolute no go with me, but everyone and their vegan mammy were telling me to try the No Bull burgers from Iceland. I usually just went with a bean burger and enjoyed that a lot as it is hard to get those wrong! But, I tried these burgers and they were… Okay. I think I fell for the hyperbole about how good these burgers were, I remember reading that they were just like real burgers and if anything… Better! They were okay and I would maybe have them again, but I do not think I would be in much of a hurry to have one post-Veganuary. There was something about it that didn’t win me over, I think it was the texture as I have a similar issue with Jackfruit, where I can eat it, but I don’t really enjoy it.

Meat-wise, I think burgers are really the only thing that I really miss, which hasn’t surprised me at all! Are you taking part in Veganuary? Is there anything you are missing? Let me know! Until next time.

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