Last weeks new trailers 18th February

It is a new week and that means there has been a tonne of new movie trailers released for us to look at. Have you had a chance to have a little look at them yet? If not then welcome to your one-stop shop for last week’s trailers. I also thought I would add a little optimism gage to let you know how I really feel about the film after watching each trailer… Let’s get right into it, shall we?

This week we have a Disney sequel, a couple of horror films, a horror remake, a comedy, some rom-coms and some film from Guy Ritchie. Let’s have a look.

Frozen 2 (November 22)

It is probably wisest to start with the biggest first right? They wisely (seeing as it is just a teaser) are giving away very, very little in this one. As it is released in the autumn and with the new character with wind powers I assume we are going to find more people like Elsa, which can be interesting if Disney is going to Princess up Avatar: The Last Airbender. But then again loads of films had characters or objects that could work the four elements. I am intrigued and I honestly did not think I would be.

Optimism Level: Medium

Yesterday (June 28)

I was already sold on this one based purely on my love for The Beatles, though I could understand the trepidation if you were not a fan. A very British looking comedy that looks like it could be quite good. Though that Ed Sheeran bit proves he should have stopped acting after Game of Thrones. This looks like it will be a good bit of fun and I imagine there will be a lot of singing in the cinema when it plays from The Beatles fans such as myself.

A film directed by Danny Boyle will almost always be a good one and with it also written by Richard Curtis, we know we are fairly safe hands on this one.

Optimism Levels: Medium

Tolkien (May 3)

Out of all of the new trailers this week, this one I was the most conflicted about due to how much potential it could have. A film about JRR Tolkien’s experiences in WW1 and how they influenced his writing, that is a sure-fire winner in my book. But this film finished filming in late 2017, and may not be released until May this year, that worries me a lot, though that could be because of the Fox Disney merger which may have delayed a lot of films such as this one. I can’t see this being a bad film from what we have seen as they are leaning on the importance of WW1. Fingers are firmly crossed on this one.

Optimism level: Fair

Long Shot (June 7)

Seth Rogen confuses me, due to the fact that sometimes he can pull out great performances (he was great as Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs), but then play to his generic wheelhouse, which he is evidently better than. Basically, I am saying he should stay clear of any James Franco films for a while. In saying that, when he is with a strong actor or actress he can be awesome. Enter Charlize Theron. Any time Theron returns to comedy is worth my time. Being a film that has effectively switched the roles of who the goofy “hero” is in this romantic comedy will serve it well in the long run I feel. It is a nice switch and if they stick to a simple formula this could be a great hit, as honestly there are not many comedies on the horizon for theatrical release right now.

Optimism level: High

Child’s Play (June 21)

I am not sure if we needed a reboot of Child’s Play, but we have it and I am intrigued as to how it will pan out. With Tolkien we only get a teaser trailer, but everything is explained to us and as a fan of Aubrey Plaza, it was a little jarring to see her in the loving mother role, but she can be great, fingers crossed she pulls that off. Everyone will be waiting to hear exactly how Chucky sounds though. We have only ever known Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky, so this will be the make or break for the film. Much how Platinum Dunes had to figure out who to cast for Freddy Kruger in the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Big boots (or not so big in this case) to fill.

Optimism Level: Medium

The Curse of La Llorona (May 3)

As a horror movie fan, this film looks right up my street, it doesn’t appear to be a slow burner of a horror film like The Babadook, it is quick and hopefully will keep up a good pace and have decent scares. With all horror movie trailers though they do like to give a little too much away and I worry they have done that. I remember a horror trailer a while ago that gave away its biggest scare in the film. Hopefully, it doesn’t do that, though its release date is a little worrying. Putting a film out one week before Avengers: End Game makes it look like a quick cash grab for one week before it goes quiet… Though horror movies like to hang about if they are good and this could be good. Fingers crossed!

Optimism Level: Medium

Ma (May 31)

This one actually unnerved me more than I had wanted it too, stupid kids go too far with their fun and a crazy person makes them pay for it. Generic story, but everyone’s performances in the trailer appear to be very strong. Obviously, this is Octavia Spencer’s show and she is stealing every scene possible. As mentioned, horror trailers like to give a little too much away and I think this has done the same. If you don’t want anything spoiled, watch the first minute and then stop. Get to know the characters and leave that trailer! This is a Blumhouse production, which needs a little boost after the opening weekend of Happy Death Day 2 U. But with Ma and Us coming out this year I am cautiously optimistic for them and for this film.

Optimism Level: High

The Hustle (May 10)

In the trailer for The Long Shot they literally say that it feels like a gender reversal swap of Pretty Woman (Sans prostitution) and in the same week we get another gender switcheroo with The Hustle which seems as if it is heavily and I mean HEAVILY influenced by Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, which itself was a remake of Bedtime Story… Wow, Hollywood loves to remake things, don’t they? As for the trailer, Anne Hathaway is great as always (though seeing her in a familiar role as she was in last year with Ocean’s 8 won’t help this movie) Rebel Wilson is Rebel Wilson and I honestly feel your interest in the film will rely on how much you like her performances as it appears to be playing the same character in all of her films at this point, only she is travelling in different universes and getting these new experiences. Harsh? Perhaps, but she so far hasn’t shown much range as an actress to warrant any other response as of yet.

Optimism level: Low

Aladdin (May 24)

Jeez, where do we begin with this one? I really wanted to like this, but ya know… Guy Ritchie. Everything about this trailer confuses me, to the point where it is going to take a hell of an effort to make me want to see the film. I know we shouldn’t focus on the animated version, but damn it was a good film. What would have made sense to me would have been to hire the writers of that film (who also wrote Pirates of the Caribbean so know how to write for live action) and hire a director that can handle great the special effects… I don’t know what Gore Verbinski is up to nowadays, but he would have been a better fit.

Anyway, let’s talk about the actual trailer, shall we? It just doesn’t feel… right does it? Nothing really connects with me too much. In fact, the only thing that does connect with me a little bit is Will Smith as the Genie and Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine (yes I know she isn’t the right ethnicity for the role, but she at least LOOKS like a Princess. Everything else is a swing and a miss, which if you look at Guy Ritchie’s recent work, makes sense.

What worries me the most about Aladdin is that the teaser trailer is already DOWN on views, that isn’t a good sign for the film sadly.

Optimism Level: So Low

That is all for today, if you have any thoughts on the trailers above, please let me know! If you think I am wrong, also let me know and make me see some sense! Until next time.

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