Oscars 2019 – Breakdown

The hostless Oscars went by and everyone is happy… Well, the winners are at least. I made my predictions and reasons behind those predictions on who I thought should win, but also who I thought would win. The Academy is usually pretty predictable with things, so let’s see how I got on!


Best Picture

Who Should Win – Roma

Who Will Win – Green Book

Actual Winner – Green Book


Roma was the better film, but as I said in my other Oscar posts, it simply wasn’t going to win by virtue of it being Netflix’s first true attempt at getting the awards. Netflix will need to have a wider release plan than what they had for their Oscar contenders I feel to get the Best Picture award in the future. Green Book was always the one for me that would take the award in the Academy’s eyes. It won’t go done well for how it is seen as this generations Driving Ms Daisy, but there isn’t anything we can do about it now. Well done to me for getting that one right as I have seen that it has been reported as a surprise win. It was not only my pick, but I even think it was the bookies favourite too. Strange.

Best Director

Who Should Win – Spike Lee

Who Will Win  Alfonso Cuaron

Actual Winner – Alfonso Cuaron


As you will find out later on Spike Lee wasn’t going home empty handed so they knew there would not be disgruntlement. Cuaron was a worthy winner, but it was a bit of certainty that they would give him Best Director if Roma wasn’t winning. 2 for 2!

Best Actress

Who Should Win – Olivia Colman

Who Will Win – Glenn Close

Actual Winner – Olivia Colman


I said that Close would only win because the Academy is known for giving awards to elder actors who have not won before. So it was refreshing to see them not do that this year! Colman deserved it 5 times over and I am happy to see the lass from Peep Show get the recognition her career growth has earned.

Best Actor

Who Should Win – Christian Bale

Who Will Win – Rami Malek

Actual Winner – Rami Malek


I am not one to say that the Academy can be a bit predictable with their “main” awards, but I am 3 for 4 and almost got that fourth one right. Malek was winning this as they were also probably terrified as to what Christian Bale and his terrible facial hair were going to say. Malek was great as Mercury, but was it the best performance out of that list? You decide.

Best Supporting Actress

Who Should Win – Regina King

Who Will Win – Regina King

Actual Winner – Regina King


Sometimes picking the right person is just the right thing to do at an awards show and Regina King winning proved that and then some. A great performance and I hope we get to see her in some lead roles over the next few years as she has the chops to do it with ease.

Best Supporting Actor

Who Should Win – Mahershala Ali

Who Will Win – Mahershala Ali

Actual Winner – Mahershala Ali


I could almost repeat what I wrote for Regina King here, though Ali now needs to get some good lead roles in films (I understand he is great in True Detective this season) Lots of good things are coming his way now he is in the special group of 42 (I think) of multiple time acting winners.

Best Foreign Language Picture

Who Should Win – Shoplifters

Who Will Win – Roma

Actual Winner – Roma


It had it in the bad from the day the nominations came out. It was one of a number of dead certs on the night and it came through probably at a canter.

Best Original Screenplay

Who Should Win – The Favourite

Who Will Win – The Favourite

Actual Winner – Green Book


The first one that I got wrong in both of my choices. I didn’t think they would give it this one because, well it is just a very safe film and a very safe choice. To think it has 3 wins is not the best when in an ideal world it should just have one.

Best Animated Feature

Who Should Win – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse

Who Will Win – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse

Actual Winner – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse


Just from a technical standpoint, it had to win, it is going to change animation for the future. A great film with a great win. It shouldn’t have gone to anyone else, so well done to the Academy for getting it right.

Best Adapted Screenplay

Who Should Win – If Beale Street Could Talk

Who Will Win – BlacKkKlansman

Actual Winner – BlacKkKlansman


It was a tough one to choose from, but if Lee didn’t win Best Director he would have been given this. The Academy do like to spread out the wins nowadays. Great win and what a speech and celebration! Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Just to give you an update I am currently at 8 for 10 on who I think will win predictions. 9 if we count Olivia Colman being in my Should win. But for transparency 8 for 10. Not too bad so far! Or does that just really show how predictable the Academy are?

Best Original Score

Who Should Win – BlacKkKlansman

Who Will Win – If Beale Street Could Talk

Actual Winner – Black Panther


I had seen that this was the bookies favourite but I wasn’t as sure about its hopes. Glad to be wrong again as the score is excellent.

Best Original Song

Who Should Win – Shallow

Who Will Win – Shallow

Actual Winner – Shallow


I mean, we all knew this one. It was known from the second it was nominated that it would win, as at that point everyone had known Gaga wasn’t going to win Best Actress. It will be interesting to see how her career goes from now on as there has been the rumour that she has spoilt her chances of having a big acting career. Time will tell.

Best Cinematography

Who Should Win – Roma

Who Will Win – Roma

Actual Winner – Alfonso Cuaron, Roma


I was wrong at thinking that this would be Cuaron’s only award, but boy did he deserve this one. I did feel sorry for him having to think of three different things to say when collecting the wins though! Also, well done to Jordan Peele for that call out on The Academy for trying to shift the award to the adverts…

Best Documentary Feature

Who Should Win – Free Solo

Who Will Win – Free Solo

Actual Winner – Free Solo


If you haven’t watched Free Solo, please do so, but be warned, even though you know how it ends, you will still have the sweatiest of hands throughout it. I know I did! A great winner and well deserved.

Best Visual Effects

Who Should Win – Ready Player One

Who Will Win – Avengers: Infinity Wars

Actual Winner – First Man


Haha, what!?! I am pretty sure I have seen the special effects from First Man in every Space-based film in the past couple of years. I mean I could splice parts of Gravity into First Man and not a sinner would notice. Avengers or Ready Player One should have gotten this. Ridiculous.

Best Costume Design

Who Should Win – Black Panther

Who Will Win – The Favourite

Actual Winner – Ruth E Carter, Black Panther


So glad that this was the winner, it really deserved it and I am happy (again) to be slightly wrong. I thought they would have gone safe with The Favourite, but they didn’t! Yay!

Best Film Editing

Who Should Win – The Favourite

Who Will Win – Vice

Actual Winner – John Ottman, Bohemian Rhapsody


Ehhh, I don’t think this was the deserved winner, but it won and was one of the reasons why Bohemian Rhapsody won the most Oscars on the night. Ehhhhh

We are into the final stretch and I am starting to get the technical wrong (I usually do at these) so lets recap to see where I am prediction wise… 11 for 17 for the will win choices and 13 for 17 out of both should and will win… Not too bad! But as I said we are strictly going with who I thought the Academy would go for soooo 11/17 correct

Best Sound Mixing

Who Should Win – Bohemian Rhapsody

Who Will Win – Bohemian Rhapsody

Actual Winner – Bohemian Rhapsody


I think we all knew it had to get a sound award and rightfully so that it got this one, but it shouldn’t get both, that is pointlessly silly.

Best Sound Editing

Who Should Win – A Quiet Place

Who Will Win – A Quiet Place

Actual Winner – Bohemian Rhapsody


Well damn… I think my heart went over my head with A Quiet Place, I should have known that the Academy double on awards, specifically sound awards every so often. Disappointed for the A Quiet Place team. But they can enjoy the sequel and make all that dollar now. #SilverLinings

Predictions: 12/18

Best Production Design

Who Should Win – The Favourite

Who Will Win – The Favourite

Actual Winner – Black Panther


I honestly thought that the majority of Black Panther was done via green screens, and it has been a year since I saw the movie… So more fool me! Going to have to check it out again now!

Predictions 12/19

Best Makeup

Who Should Win – Border

Who Will Win – Vice

Actual Winner – Vice


Safe choice and not a surprisingly safe one either. Such a shame as Border had some great makeup work in there.

Predictions 13/20

Best Animated Short Film


Actual winner Bao

Best Documentary Short

Period. End of Sentence

Actual Winner – Period. End of Sentence


It was always the favourite, but it jumped to my choice when I read that an Academy voter said they would never vote for a film about periods. Either that was a smart move to get it to win, or someone is seriously in denial…

Best Live Action Short Film


Actual Winner – Skin


Overall Predictions

In the end, I got to 15 out of 23, which I don’t think is too bad at all! As always the technical let me down as I only got one out of the big 6 incorrect. If we go by my combined, should and will choices I got to 17 out of 23. Not too bad. Well, that is almost all of the thoughts on the Oscars! I have a little post coming up at the end of the week about it, so keep an eye out for that one! How did you do? Let me know below.

If you want to chat more about any of my posts, please follow me on TwitterInstagramand Facebook to also receive updates. Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

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