Trailer breakdown: IT: Chapter 2

For the third time today (check out the breakdown for Cats and Top Gun: Maverick from earlier) we have a trailer breakdown! This time we go the horror direction as we are just ticking off all of the genres it seems! This is the second trailer for IT: Chapter 2 and it should be the last one as it probably only needs the odd TV spot now to keep it in people’s heads before release in a few months. Why just a TV spot? Well, that is because this trailer gives you all the goodies without revealing too much! A rarity! Let’s see if we will float too…

Getting the gang back together

Mike has called the gang back together as he is the only member to have stayed in Derry. Everyone else has become successful and forgotten the events that happened to them when they were children. This won’t last for long as Mike mentions, they made an oath and a bit of change is that this was originally set in the library where Mike worked. Now it is in a restaurant. Little change, but nothing major to the story. There is a clever use of cutting from the younger character to the older one for each member of the club. A quick and each way of keeping the audience up to date on who is who before the actual film. I see you smart marketing…


Poor Adrian Mellon will appear…

The character of Adrian Mellon wasn’t in the TV mini-series, but was in the book and is one of the main reasons for the Losers Club’s return. People who are different than the status quo never coped well in Derry, be it obese, a different race and even 27 years later, if you are homosexual, some people in this fictional town will hurt you. Adrian Mellon finds this out much to his chagrin, but that is the least of his issues.

His fate triggers the beginning of a new cycle of terror to the citizens of Derry with children going missing, as Mike said at the beginning of the trailer, he had to call everyone back to help defeat Pennywise.


Funhouse that isn’t that fun

This scene isn’t in the novel, so it will be interesting how it turns out. Bill foolishly is on his own in a hall of mirrors. Will this random child survive? It doesn’t look likely and it was interesting that Pennywise just didn’t care that Bill was there to witness what might happen. Almost as if he wanted Bill to see what he could do and maybe what he did do to Georgie. Bill never really gets over losing his little brother, which is especially harder to take when you meet and fight the same creature that took someone of such importance from your life. A great scene that apparently played a little longer during the presentation at Comic-Con.

Did Henry survive the fall down the well?

If you remember the local bully Henry from Chapter 1, you will remember that he had an untimely fate down a well. Dead right? Perhaps not, as in the books, he is sent to a madhouse not long after the events in 1958. Though maybe it is another character who takes on the rest of Henry’s story that is a little unknown so far. But whoever that person is, they are going to be important to the story and to the fate of the club.

3561295-screen shot 2019-07-18 at 9.06.44 am

The younger losers club aren’t forgotten

We knew beforehand from interviews that the younger actors were going to be brought back in the film and it is good to see some of them back. Hopefully, they get a bit of screen time as they were faultless in the first film. Now we just have to worry whether or not the adult versions can live up to what they achieved!

From what has been shown they will be back to help fill in some backstory of what happened in the years after the ritual that they thought killed It. How much of that is new information will be interesting to find out.


Everyone has to encounter their worst fears to a mixture of results.

Beverley’s return to her old apartment in Derry was prominent in the first trailer, but each Loser will have to encounter a fear it seems and how they cope with that will dictate where they are at as a person. There is a vital shot in the trailer that shows how one Loser copes with the return of Pennywise and are they strong enough to right-back and save the town?

The love triangle continues on after 27 years

The three B’s are back together and although in the novel Bill is married, it is not yet known if that is the case here, but Beverley has choices to make if she has the want to. Ben has obviously lost all of his weight and Bill has remained Bill. Will either of the guys be able to get the girl? Or will that be Pennywise? Time will tell on that one.


Do we get some Pennywise backstory?

At the end of the trailer we see what appears to be an early incarnation of Pennywise. Do we get a better look into his backstory? The question that could be asked is do we need to see how the creature became what it is now? A lot of horror films love to show how the monster came to be and usually that just is not required. It will have to be integral to the story, otherwise, it is an addition for the sake of giving the excellent Bill Skarsgård something extra to do with less makeup!


Overall it is a great trailer that again did not reveal too much about what goes on in the story, we are given introductions to the adult losers club, we see Pennywise is still being Pennywise and barely anything spoiler worthy has been shown. Trailers need to be more like this, which actually for the three that have been broken down so far today, they have all been pretty good with how they are not revealing too much. It is a bugbear of mine and a lot of moviegoers. We don’t need to see too much of the film and unless you are going to do a Russo brothers on us and edit people and scenes differently in the trailers to the film, then just don’t do it. These type of trailers work gangbusters and studios should do these instead. If everyone is smart this should be the last thing we see of IT until the release date. No more footage is required, as at that point we are seeing too much and it is better to go in not knowing too much right?

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