Is it possible to spread your blog too thin?

I don’t often talk about my blogging as I just like to write things for people to read on the internet, but I was looking at my blog a little while ago and I started to think about whether or not I post too many things about too many different topics. Have I spread myself just that little bit too thin to get the best out of the blog and the best out of my writing? Let’s chat about it.

I like to believe that I am the type of well-rounded individual who doesn’t just have one topic to talk about. I have many interests as you know, for example, I love running, I love film, I am really focusing on weight loss and that means focusing on exercise and nutrition. I like to write about what is going on in my mind a lot too. But for a blog, is that a bad thing? Should I be focusing my efforts into solely my running posts and aim to make the blog more about running and fitness? If I wanted to focus on just a niche then that would seem like the wisest way to go, but I enjoy all those other topics so much and for me, it is a shame to just limit myself into what I can talk about as then you get bored of just talking about that area.

I don’t read too many blogs and that is probably detrimental to me becoming a bit savvier with blogging and perhaps why it remains a lovely small thing on the internet. To be fair, I had no interest in it getting big and successful as I just enjoy writing my thoughts down and it is just fun to me. I guess my thought is going down the line of doing blogs that do, do well merely focus on a niche, or are they able to expand and chat about whatever they like? Did they maybe keep to their niche, to begin with, and then broaden out to talk about other things. It is weird to ask these things to me as I really only have Victoria’s blog (check it out here) to relate to and she talks about a wide variety of things and I believe that that type of content is far more engaging than just talking about one topic. I feel like I would want to know the person or at least know as much as someone online can about someone else so that I can find ways to relate to them. I could be very wrong on that though…

For a while, I was trying to see the positives in being so… eclectic? With my blog post choices, talking about so many subjects and then I realised that since I have come back from my little break from posting that I have enjoyed writing for other websites as well as my own. I have been very lucky in getting the chance to write film related reviews for Blueprint: Review for the past few months and I had intended to migrate any film or television-related posts over to there. A mixture of not being on the ball with my scheduling meant that I never really got a grip of posting my non-review posts. This caused me to be dubious on whether I should post up my thoughts on trailers and film festivals as maybe that wasn’t required or needed there? I also had intended to talk about trailers released every week, but I could never get them up on the days I said I would, as a bit more effort is required for those than just spewing things out of my head. So, I decided to return that to my blog until I at least get into a consistent rhythm with writing them. Then if they are wanted I would provide them. For the first time in writing, I doubted myself and that would never happen on this blog as I would just write and be happy. I think the external nature of it made me conscious of my writing, which is a little maddening as the person who runs that film website wouldn’t have taken me on if he didn’t like what I wrote right?

Anyway, I am digressing a tad here. I enjoy writing things over there and I actively intend to write the majority of my film and TV-related posts over there, but should I move all of it over and be known for writing film based things only over there? If I split it, am I being selfish? Questions upon questions it seems…

As I want to talk about a couple of different topics, I started thinking about my post schedule. There are times I would post 4 or even 5 times a week if everything was going to plan, but with a full-time job, that isn’t always possible. With my love with running, I feel like I want to talk about it at least once a week and also talk about my fitness and weight loss and I have got into enjoying talking about things in my Monday Thoughts blog. That could be three or four days taken up post wise. Is that too much? This isn’t even counting a film post or something fun to talk about on a random day. Is it even better for me to just be patient and spread those posts out (for example running and fitness) to once a week and have content for a long time and merely add important posts throughout the week as and when needed? Again, questions upon questions.

One last thing I thought about with my blog was maybe to make it blogs. Make one film-related, make one running and fitness related etc. This is an option that I know for a fact would not work for me as I just would not have the patience to write on that many blogs, plus it is me. I would mess it up rightly and post on the wrong one!

So, yeah, I needed to get all those little thoughts out of my head. I don’t truly have an answer, but I think I will experiment with scheduling and see how that goes. It is a silly thing to be concerned about I know as the worst scenario is that I write too much and people can ignore the posts that don’t relate to them. Awkwardly, that raises another issue, am I segregating or putting off readers to the blog? Most of my posts appear to get similar traffic, so it is not as if I am putting off people at the minute. Do I need my blog to have an identity or should its identity just be me? Let’s see if I figure it out in the future. So expect a post in a few months to see how things went!

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