Making A Vegan Christmas Dinner

I haven’t posted anything up lately about veganism and I thought I would give that a little fix. I have gone every Christmas in my life without ever thinking about what a vegan would eat on Christmas Day. That was until last Christmas when Victoria came to my house for Christmas and I cooked for her. I had a lot of doubts about what I could make her, but eventually, I think I worked it out. Here is what I did and what I plan to add to the meal this year!


Nut Roast

I was quite stuck on what to give Victoria as her meat replacement for the dinner and I was searching for a while until I found out that I could make a nut roast. I actually think she told me about it! So off I went and researched how to make one. I added gluten-free bread crumbs to a mix of a range of nuts such as Chestnuts, walnuts and Brazil nuts. Then I threw in onions, mushrooms and veg that were not going to be included in the main dinner. It was decided to serve some of it on a separate mini plate with some pomegranates (got to keep the rest for Boxing Day after all!). Victoria loved it and in fact, likes to have it with her Sunday roast dinner that I make every so often.

This year though I am going to make mini ones so then she can have nice portion sizes instead of me misjudging it. Plus I want to add maple covered parsnips on top to give it a little bit more.


Butternut chestnut lentil cake

Yes, a bit new I know, but I saw the recipe on BBC Good Food and I thought that it looked like such a good idea instead of a butternut squash roast. We all know Christmas dinner lasts for a far sight longer than one day, so although it might be a bit of a challenge, I think I would enjoy giving this one a go, to mix it up a little and really the more opens the better. It just means less fresh cooking for me until New Year. And let’s be honest… That’s the dream post-Christmas.

credit: easy cheesy vegetarian


Luckily Victoria loves stuffing and so do I. It was quite easy to find some vegan gluten-free stuff to serve her that was already in a mix. So not too much effort was required to do that. I know she loves the stuffing as it is the number one thing I get told that I have to add to the dinner, nice and reassuring that she enjoys it though!

All the veg!

Steamed, roasted and mashed, we have it all in my house! We usually steam the broccoli, corn etc and then roast some sweet potatoes and parsnips (I tried to cover the parsnips in agave syrup last year, not sure how that turned out!) and as Victoria has an intolerance to white potato’s it was essential that I added some sweet potato mash with some vegan butter and a bit of salt to help make her day. Now I make the sweet potato mash almost weekly for her! So, again another win for Scott on the cooking front!


I will openly admit that I mucked up the gravy last year and had to have Victoria come in and rescue it. I used too much of the powder and alas, I failed. Victoria saved it however and now she is the designated gravy maker in the kitchen! Which is a relief to means now I don’t have to worry about mucking it up! She does well with the gravy, but as It is a popular purchase around this time of year you have to make sure you get in promptly before it sells out. Which I have because I am cool. Don’t query that coolness statement!

What will I have planned differently this year?

Other than changing up the nut roast and making the butternut chestnut lentil cake. I am going to be bold and attempt to make vegan, gluten-free Yorkshire Puddings as I know she used to love them before she was a vegan. All a part of my veganise plan for our dinners! I tried it once and it did not go well at all!

I might also try to make a little pie as I know I can successfully make some puff pastry for her from my times doing the Bake Off challenge! What will be inside it, however, is anyone’s guess! I would also like to try and make her a starter, so if that is a small soup or something I don’t know yet, but that will certainly be a Christmas Eve task!

Finally, I will be making and buying her some desserts and one of her favourite things during Bake Off was the apple turnovers that I made! So hopefully she still likes those enough to eat them. There were super easy to make and limited fuss, though that means I might have to try and make the custard again and that will be a challenge. I will buy in some ice cream for her so she can enjoy that and lastly we know a baker who can accommodate Victoria’s intolerances and I will make sure she either has some cake or cupcakes there for our little feast!

So that is what I have planned so far for her vegan dinner, is there anything that you suggest I should look into? All the help and tips I can get will be greatly welcomed! Until next time!

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