2020 learning aims

Everyone has their resolutions for the New Year and I am no different! But instead of giving you the usual spiel of what I want to do this year like weight loss etc. I thought I would have a post about things that I want to learn this year or at least keep learning. It isn’t a very long and exhaustive list and there will likely be things that I will learn to do that were never on here. But I have a few things in mind and I thought it was best to share. Shall we?

Polish (and other languages)

If you remember Victoria and I have been learning Polish over the course of the year and while we stopped for a few months, we picked it up again over the summer and haven’t stopped since. We are still pretty much beginners, but we will get there. I feel we will up our usual amount of learning throughout 2020 to really make it stick. A couple of ideas I had was that we would slowly only use certain Polish words instead of English ones, to help us get used to saying it and then introduce more words so it becomes second nature to us. It’s an idea I read somewhere, so I have no clue if it is a good one. But we will give it a go and keep progressing!

The other thing I want to be is multi-lingual, so learning another language that is different from a European language is appealing to me. I will ask Victoria if she wants to be involved as it is always better to learn something with someone else, but if not, then I will have a good go at it and see what happens!

Weight training

I can kinda do weight training, but I am pretty rubbish at it and I know for sure that my form is not where it should be when doing what I am doing. Also, I haven’t done any normal type of training in close to a year, so I have probably forgotten all of that and my strength is down as well. I am not ashamed to admit it. But I know I need to learn how to do all of these workouts correctly, then I can make better improvements faster. When I was doing a bit of weight training I was really enjoying it all, but sadly time and confidence got the better of me. I mean, only a few days ago did I get back into doing some timed circuits that I used to do.

I am not sure as of yet if I will approach a personal trainer to help me get the form right, but I do know a few people who could assist me, so hopefully, they can. I have always been unsure of gym personal trainers as I have seen the negatives a lot more than the positives with them.

Learn how to cook and bake properly

Victoria says that I am a good cook and baker, but I feel I can be better and I think that if I can find or use some books or classes that can help me improve upon what I can already do, then that would be awesome. Victoria jokingly says that I should apply to be on Bake Off, but seeing as I burnt cookies, I am not sure if that is a good idea at present. I will have a look at seeing what affordable classes there are regarding cooking and baking and see if I can improve on those as the year goes by.

Knowing how to make the best vegan dishes would be ideal for me with Victoria as I am always wanting to make far better meals for us on that front. Also, being handy at making vegan cakes wouldn’t be a bad thing to learn right?

Sign language

The last item on the list is one I have been very interested in learning for quite some time. I have always wanted to know even a little bit when I was in retail to help make some customers feel welcome, but I never got around to it. So if I could even learn it at or for work then I think it would be quite the string to have to my bow! Victoria has a sign language book for dummies in the small room, so I think I will have a gander at it and see if it is something I should go forward with, with classes.

Deep down I think that it should be taught in schools, as it is such a positive thing to teach children and seeing as they quickly pick things up, it seems a shame not to give them the opportunity to learn it. Hopefully, it goes well and I will, of course, let you know how it goes!

That is all from topics I am going to try and learn this year. I know there are a few other things like the violin, but I have no idea when I will be able to afford one of those and get the time to learn it, so I thought it would be a tad silly to add it in when these options have the greater possibility of happening! Until next time.

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