Bodyweight fitness challenge while working from home.

I won’t talk too much about what is going on around us at the minute, it is far too depressing to go on about and I am sure that you have read thousands of words on the topic, so here… The C-word is banned. But, I wanted to talk about something I am doing during my stint of working at home, a fitness challenge!

This is a very simple thing to do and I know hundreds of people going on about it. I will not waste your time by giving you a long list of things you should do. I am just going to mention why I am doing it, what exercises I will be doing and what progress do I want to see by April 30th.

Due to what I have access to in my house I will be mostly just going for the bodyweight workouts which is great as I do really find those the more enjoyable exercises. I want to go further than this but I don’t want to go mental so obviously, I will readjust as the month goes on if I am doing “too well” at one workout. I hope to do all of these throughout the day, not in one go, but preferably in as few day sessions as possible. Let’s have a break down of what I am going to do and what I want to have achieved by the end of the month:

Bodyweight squats

I really think for bodyweight exercises that squats are my favourite to do as I can just keep going with them. Being a large guy means that generally, your legs have to be pretty strong to carry all the weight around. So with it being my strongest aspect of this challenge, I thought I would push for a crazy goal. I will try and complete 200 squats (on average) a day to a monthly goal of 6,000 squats.  I feel this is quite achievable, but you never know!


I am piss poor at push-ups if we are going, to be honest, so I know for a while there will be adjusted pushups until my upper body strength can deal with it. With that said I do hope to get around 100 done a day totalling 3,000 for the month. But, I would like by the last day to be able to do these without one being adjusted. On those toes team.


I love a good sit-up and so I will be making this one a good ole challenge. I want to do 333 sit-ups on average a day and that would make it 9,990 for the month, so obviously the last day will be 343, as who the hell would not try and round that one up!?


I am cautious to make sure I am keeping all areas of my body strong and other than back extensions my next favourite back and glute workout is the bridge. Even though I am a large guy, I can be pretty good on the bridge and I want to help my bad posture with this one. There is no rep challenge on this one, but I would like to get around 10 minutes each day of being in the movement as I can get really comfortable in it.

Outside of the challenge

A step away from this challenge I will, of course, be keeping up with my running and with a bit of structure, I hope to get in a few runs a week. Though with Easter coming I hope to change that to an almost daily occurrence as I will want to get away from the computer and I will just replace my one outdoor activity a day with a run.

Walking wise I have been getting in some good numbers, far better than last year at the least, so I hope to keep that up and then some. Victoria has been aiming for an average of 10,000 steps per day, but if I could I would like to get closer to 15,000 as my daily average. That task is, of course, a lot harder under current restrictions and I am not blessed with a large garden to run around while staying “inside”. I will work it out as I have enjoyed getting outside after being cooped up indoors at the computer working!


Victoria has just started a program by Chloe Madeley and she would like me to join along in it. I am not as sure about it, though I will not necessarily ignore the suggestion as Victoria was working up a good sweat during the workout. Depending on how tired I am from my challenge, I may not be able to do it as well and I do not want to run the risk of getting injured! But we will see, it seemed fun enough!

So to recap I will be doing all of the above in April to help my mind and body stay sane during this period. With a bit of luck, I will be alright and I will be able to update you all every few days on what I am doing and if I am adding anything else into the fitness side of the month! Until next time!


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