Alright? I am just a typical Northern Irish guy who is just trying to document my life online.. (exciting I know). I have been going through a weight loss journey and I thought it would be good to get a lot of it off my chest (and write about it… get it.. Ha weight loss jokes!) in case any of it is of any use to other people going, about to or have already gone through the same type of journey as myself. It is a long and gruelling process and it will (and has) had it’s up and

I am an enthusiastic amateur runner and someone who tries to attend the gym an appropriate amount of times a week, so expect a lot of fitness related posts. I am also a digital designer and artist so a few design posts will appear here too, most will actually be fitness related as I feel there is a lot missing in this area for folks who do partake in such things

I thought it would be beneficial to all of us if I stated a few things on this page rather than waste a blog post on it. We are busy people after all! So, with that


I tried to have a schedule, but I felt it was a little restricting, I will try my best to post on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Check out my pages, as they will have updated links to my posts to make it easier for you to find my posts!

Now, as I have other interests that I feel are cool to write about, they may only appear monthly. Their post dates will be mentioned on their specific pages in due course! These will be mostly film music and sport-related!

Apologies to anyone forced to read this and thanks in advance!


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