Monday Thoughts: Did I make the right choices after University

A few Mondays ago on my Monday Thoughts I brought up things I notice and think about on my walk into work each day and during one of those walks in I thought about Graduations (I work at a University and Graduations are happening as we speak) it made me think, back when I went... Continue Reading →

Aims for 2018: Part 3 – The Blog

Well, hello there! Well done for sticking to the third post! If you haven't read my other posts check my general aims here and my exercise ones here. Phew, a lot of links out of the way! Now let's see what I would like to achieve on the blog and social media etc in 2018.... Continue Reading →

An introduction…

Hello! 'Alright?' Welcome to my page, blog, whatever this is! I guess it is better for all of us if I provide a little bit of information about myself and what you should expect to see on here... Only fair! I am a Northern Irish guy who enjoys the simple things in life..┬álike running marathons... Continue Reading →

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