Here you will find the links to my posts that are lifestyle related… Enjoy!


The difficulties for vegans (from a meat eating boyfriends view)

Veganism: My first encounter with cooking a vegan meal.

Vegan and dietary need cooking: When you mess up

Veganism: Cooking a lasagne

Vegan dinner date #1 Woodworkers

Organising a vegan birthday

Things I have learned from dating a (lovely) vegan for a year


Losing weight, coping and trying to deal with the changes: Part one, clothing

Weight loss journey: The battle with the scales

Weight loss journey: Building confidence by working out at home.

Weight loss journey: Tips for going to the gym for the first time and things I wish I had known beforehand

Having a go at kickboxing for the first time.

Body weight workout challenge


Growing a beard for the first time

Growing a beard for the first time: Taming the beard.

Growing a beard: Pulling it out from stress


Buying your first home

Buying your first home: The legal side

How I was influenced to be artistic again


Aims for 2018: part 1

Aims for 2018: Part 2 Exercise

Aims for 2018: Part 3 – The Blog



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