All of my running related posts will live here so there is an easier access point for you to them! Enjoy!

RED January 2019

Race Reviews and thoughts

Mo Running 2018 review

5 presents to get the runner in your life

Training for the Mo Run

Mo Running 10k race 2018

Larne 10k Review

My thoughts on the Belfast City Marathon changes for 2019

A review of a poorly organised running race

Laganside 10k

Running musings

7 tips from runners on what to do when you start running

To run or not to run a race – Doubting yourself

Is it smart to run for a time rather than a distance?

Why I am not sure I ever want to run the London Marathon

5 reasons to run the London Marathon (from past participants)

The Pain of A Did Not Start

Getting back that motivation to keep running

Running: Getting into that rhythm at the start of a run

Things I wished I knew before I ran my first marathon

Running: Pre-race breakfast

If you don’t get a medal did you really run that race? The allure of medals in running.

5 tips for running if an overweight beginner

Running two races in the same weekend – Part 1

Running two races in the same weekend – Part 2 – The 5km race

Neglecting runnings past successes

Returning to running… Those first steps forward

Running: The coaching side of running

The coaching side of running: Part 2

Running: How do you acknowledge other runners when on the road?

My training methods: part 1

My training methods part 2

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