Regular fit or slim fit? What should an overweight guy wear?

With all of my posts recently about weight loss / being overweight and clothing I thought I would finish off with how I felt when having to decide what type of fitting I should wear as an overweight guy. Should I go for the loose fitting? Or the normal regular fit. Would I be bold... Continue Reading →

Saying Goodbye to the larger clothes sizes

Welcome back to another chapter of Scott nattering on about weight loss! This time I wanted to post about saying goodbye to clothes that no longer fit you and unlike my last post about clothing  this is saying goodbye for positive reasons i.e. losing weight! I will openingly admit that when I made my post... Continue Reading →

Understanding Body Dysmorphic Disorder from a male perspective

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is often called the 'imagined ugliness' disorder. It was formerly known as Dysmorphophobia and is an anxiety disorder whereby a person is abnormally preoccupied with an imagined or slight defect in their physical appearance. This is something I have had to deal with since I started my weight loss journey and... Continue Reading →

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