Laganside 10k

Another weekend means another race! Two weeks prior to one of the most poorly run events I had ever encountered (I didn’t even get into the health and safety issues I had on that one). Victoria and I got to run in the Laganside 10km race in sunny Belfast (not a lie it was quite... Continue Reading →


Being okay with not being body positive: Part one

Hello everyone! I know a third post about weight loss in a matter of two weeks!! If you missed the previous two I chatted about regaining weight and then what I plan to do to get it all back off again. P.S going well so far 3lbs off! But today is all about body positivity,... Continue Reading →

Why I want to get into road cycling

Alright? You may know me for constantly mumbling on about running and walking, but today I want to change gears (literally) and talk about cycling. What about cycling Scott? Well my friend, I want to discuss why I have been having the growing urge to get into cycling for sport to include with my running.... Continue Reading →

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