Exercising while on holiday in New York and Toronto

WHAT! Are you stupid Gilliland!? Enjoy the holiday and relax, eat well and just calm yourself down son. These are the responses I am figuring I might get from the title of this post and they may be true, but I don’t like just chilling and doing nothing all day. I like being active. I mean I am the same person who saw a couple of weeks before I left for Iceland that there was a marathon in Reykjavik during my time in the country and I signed for it. So other than exploring that beautiful country, I was trying to finish training for a marathon while there! So aye, I am thinking of getting as much exercise in while I am in new York and Toronto ( I hope Victoria is too). So let’s see what I want to plan to do shall we?


Seeing as we will be in New York and Toronto it kind of makes a lot of sense that we will be walking around a lot. I mean we only have 9 and a bit days in New York and probably a lot of stuff to see in that time so walking around will be the order of the day. I can’t see us getting many cabs while we are there and if we plan it right we should only need to use the subway to get to our “zone” of wandering for the day or half a day.

When I was in Italy I would walk on average of 20,000 steps a day and who only knows what I did when I was in Iceland. Victoria loves a good walk so I know I am in good company. Plus, you get to experience and find more amazing things when you wander around and get a little lost. So while I will try not to get lost, I do want to explore and find places I normally wouldn’t have found if I had just gone to where I should!


We (probably just me) miss out on the New York Half Marathon by a day as I believe it is on the 17th of March and we return to New York on the 18th. That is a damn shame if you ask me! Getting the chance to run through Manhatten would have been a dream. But I can chase that another time. We want to run around Central Park as we are not very far from it or Riverside, so I can almost see a little daily run sorted for ourselves if we are lucky.

I feel in New York, it is probably safer to restrict our runs to the parks as I would not be overly keen on the stop start of the streets every block. That would make a simple run, extend well beyond the duration needed. Plus Central Park is so big we can alternate routes and maybe not even run the same one once while we are there! That is the plan anyway!

In Toronto we looked at the possibility of a Park run but Victoria said it is a little too far away, but I have seen a couple of races that we could run. Get a nice wee medal in either or both countries to add to the collection would be lovely!


As much as I would love to do this in New York, I feel that this might only be a possibility in Toronto and even then I am not too sure on our possibilities open to us! It is in the maybe pile, but possibility a fun way to get through the city? Thoughts or tips on that one will be graciously accepted!


I think our hotels have gyms, but I would love to get a day pass in a gym just to see what different type of things that they have. I always see videos of all these new machines that Northern Ireland simply does not have or could even comprehend to have and to have a go on them would be a good bit of fun!

I doubt very much that other than a few machines that there are many differences in gyms in North America are as different as they are here, but again I just want to see the differences and see if there are ways that maybe I can improve my own workouts. Never know what I might experience!

Yoga and other classes

Victoria is a yogi and I am partial to it myself, so if we get the chance we are definitely going to book a couple of slots in some classes, so the research on those begin now, though I might let Victoria take the lead on those as she will know exactly what is best for us. Again, all tips will be helpful! I feel it may be something like the gym, in that I may try and see if they give a different type of feel and experience to what I am used to and then we can bring it back home with us to use.

I feel that we might see some interested/unique classes while we are researching and feel the need that we have to take up the chance to partake in the class. I mean I think I saw an advert for a class that involves balance on surfboards. That just sounds fun! So who knows what we might find that will pique our interest in the upcoming months!

Well that is it for today, let me know what type of things you get up to exercise wise on holiday? Would you even consider it or are holidays just for relaxing and letting the body recuperate? Let me know down below! Until next time!

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