How I was influenced to be artistic again

If you don’t know my past, I have a degree in Art and Design (and Education Studies) and got accepted onto a Fine Art degree at the University of Ulster. I came very close to taking that course, but I knew that the arts were struggling in Northern Ireland and unless I went into a PhD on the subject I wasn’t sure where a Fine Art degree would exactly get me in my then young adult life.

I took an Educational Multimedia Masters course and still haven’t really chosen a definitive career for myself. I always think what would have happened if I had taken the course and completed the two years. Would I have a great little career made out for myself? Would I be exactly where I am now? What would the Scott with the MA in Fine Art have found himself?

Work and photos by Elaine Taylor (Check her out here)

I still have a lot of thoughts about it still. I enjoy art and creating and I would like to think I have some sort of talent for it, thus venturing towards a more digital design life as that is where a “career” is. But last weekend (16th June) Victoria and I were in Studio Souk looking for Father’s Day presents and we noticed some local art (seriously check out that shop if you are in Belfast, chocked full of great work) and I noticed some wire art by an artist. My main exhibition at University was using wire and staples (see below) to show the coldness of man and what we are losing by destroying the planet.

Very positive I know, but I was going through some things and it was cathartic as art should be on occasion. Anyway, I saw this great work (Have a look here) and thought how much I would like to get back into making and creating again. Now I rarely do, with physical art. Almost all of my creative endeavours are digital nowadays and while just browsing this little store I felt a rush of excitement and creativity course through me and I WANTED to create. I wanted to do some design work and create. I thought of what I could do and what I would need to make it and when I got home I went to Amazon (I had walked a lot and carried a lot of stuff so didn’t have the energy to walk to a store to purchase goods) and purchased a load of wires to mess about with and see what happens.

Nail Sculptor John Bisbee also influenced me in wanting to get back into creating pieces again. I love these pieces though I know I wouldn’t have the pieces to weld and distort the nails on such a (check him out here)

I became conscious that I was going to just copy this great artist and their work, so in my mind, I had already thought of what I would do that would be different from this artist as I wouldn’t want to copy them. Luckily they create great figure sculptures and I know that doesn’t really interest me in a creative aspect, as I enjoy creating objects rather than a figure of a person. I don’t know exactly why, but I enjoy the complexity of making, say a tree. How will I make the trunk look and join? Will I use a different colour for the leafs? Will I go large or go small? Many options and even just writing this makes me excited for when that delivery comes in so I can start messing about.

Would I sell the pieces? Sure, but for now that doesn’t really concern me. I just want to make stuff, if it doesn’t work then so what? I enjoyed it and it is a past time that I should do more. As the evening went on I started looking into nail art and thinking what I could do sculpture and design wise with nails or staples. So many ideas began running through my head that I got a little annoyed that I didn’t think of these when I was completing my degree. I had always been a “stick to the design” guy and would try to stick to realism.

But in my third year, I opened up to this silly fine art nonsense and had a burst of ideas. Some ideas came in the last two weeks before the final exhibition, which is annoying when you have to write about how you researched your ideas. (I literally saw staples and wondered how good it would look to use those instead of a pen to “draw”.. Turned out not so bad… But jeez did my hands hurt from it all. But alas those stories are for another post.

The point is, I had so many ideas that I felt compelled to write them down and write this post as soon as I could and it has turned out I have been babbling on for almost 800 words about wanting to create art again, so I apologise for that! I promise in a month I will come back to this topic with some things that I have created. If you have gotten this far down the post you kind of deserve to see what this burst of creativity has… Well created. Until next time.

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